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The present invention is applied to a speaker system, a speaker unit, a headphone, an earphone,
etc. for high-quality sound source reproduction for general household use, as well as audio
equipment for business use such as movie theaters and theaters. Ru.
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, the technology for sound reproduction devices
for middle to high range has been at a considerable level, but a large-scale device is required for
sound reproduction devices for full-scale bass / ultra-low range reproduction. It was not a
technology for the general public. There is a bass reflex system that uses a rear acoustic wave as
a means for reproducing the low frequency range that has been put to practical use relatively
frequently. This is a method in which the sound wave on the back is guided to the front by the
fixed duct to reinforce a part of the reproduction range, and there is also a drawback that the
reinforced range is distorted back and forth.
[Problems to be Solved by the Invention] A problem to flat sound wave reproduction having a
practical level of sound pressure in the bass and super-bass region which has been considered to
be difficult conventionally. Furthermore, the problem of cost increase accompanying upsizing
and upsizing of the geometric series device which can not be avoided in the prior art when bass
reproduction is required.
Means for Solving the Problem By adjusting the range of the auxiliary sound reproducing
apparatus that emits sound waves for interference to the low / high range, the low / high range
can be selectively enhanced. The present invention has a structure in which the same sound
reproducing device is installed at the back of the conventional sound reproducing device, and the
space can be almost accommodated in the conventional device. Therefore, there is no increase in
cost associated with the enlargement of the geometric scale device.
[Operation] Due to the interference effect of the sound waves generated by the auxiliary sound
reproducer, a blank state of sound is created on the back of the main sound reproducer, and a
significant reduction of the driving force burden occurs. As a result, the remaining driving force
is concentrated on the front surface and acts as an increase in the sound wave amplitude.
present invention is installed in a speaker box will now be described with reference to the
attached drawings. 1 is a main sound reproducing apparatus, which may be a cone type or a flat
type, 2 is a secondary sound reproducing apparatus for generating a sound wave for
interference, may be a cone type or a plane type as in 1 and 3 is a space where an interference
phenomenon occurs. Side walls to prevent the diffusion of sound waves. 1 is driven through a
circuit that generates a time difference between drive power supplies supplied from a power
amplifier. 2 is driven via a circuit that branches the same drive power supply and limits the
frequency. If the space of 1 and 2 is sufficiently narrow and the influence of the time difference
through which the sound wave travels can be ignored, the circuit for generating the time
difference of 1 can be omitted. The reproduction of rich bass and super-bass enables
reproduction of a sound field close to natural sounds. This will make you feel more realistic and
powerful than before.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view conceptually showing the installation of the speaker unit for
enhancing the amplitude using the sound wave interference according to the present invention in
the speaker box.
Explanation of sign
1 main sound reproduction device 2 sub sound reproduction device 3 side wall 4 speaker box
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