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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
acoustic diaphragm suitable for woofer, squawker or tweeter. [Summary of the Invention] A thin
film of one or more layers is formed on the surface of a diaphragm substrate, and at least the
outermost layer is a transparent film so as to give a desired color tone by film thickness control.
In the case of a multilayer film, it is a color acoustic diaphragm in which a metal film and / or a
rigid film is formed on the base of the transparent film. [Prior Art] Conventionally, acoustic
diaphragms are required to have a high specific elastic modulus and an internal loss of a suitable
size, thereby making efforts to expand the high frequency resonance frequency and improve the
frequency characteristics. Therefore, recently, one with a high rigidity film formed on the surface
of the diaphragm substrate has attracted attention, but most-as a diaphragm substrate, a rigid
film is formed on the surface of a metal, ceramic, etc. Many of them have formed a rigid film on a
heat-sensitive substrate, and recently, many of the speakers have a front surface exposed, and
colorization is desired from the viewpoint of appearance decoration. On the other hand,
according to Pos. 61-102900, ruby and sapphire raw stone are ion-plated on the metal plate
vibration base of tweeter or squawker to improve the high-pass characteristics and to make the
unique color tone on the surface of the diaphragm base Although it is made to give, when
coloring using the raw material by the impurity contained in it, since the content of the impurity
is not constant, coloring is unstable and there are problems due to the expensive raw stone and
the like. [Purpose of the invention] Regardless of expensive raw stone, to improve the unstable
color development to provide the desired color tone stably while providing rigidity. Moreover,
rigidity is given not only to a metal or a ceramic board as a diaphragm base material, but also to
a heat-sensitive diaphragm base material. [Means for Solving the Problems] In order to solve the
above problems, an optically transparent film is formed on the surface of the diaphragm
substrate by controlling the film thickness to give a desired color, and at the same time the
rigidity is insufficient. In this case, a rigid film is formed between the transparent film and the
base material to provide a color stop sound 9 diaphragm with good sound quality. Further, by
appropriately selecting this intermediate layer, the diaphragm base material can be formed on a
base material made of paper, plastic, or a composite of these for a woofer or the like so that a
film can be formed densely with good adhesion. [Example] Example 1 A diaphragm base material
made by dispersing pulp material in water together with a sizing material (E = 1 to 2.3 xlo dyne /
crr? A speaker cone with a diameter of 12 cm is created with -p = 0.3 to 0 ° 6 · Tan δ = 0 °),
and alumina is deposited on the surface (one side) by RF ion plating (RF is applied to the
substrate) The coating was stopped when the film thickness meter showed 3,700'A using a tilting
jig so that the film thickness of alumina formed on the speaker cone surface becomes uniform.
A color tone mainly in pink color was obtained on the entire surface of the cone. The results are
shown in Fig. 1. The curve 1 is the untreated one and the one with the alumina coated curve 2 is
the high resonance frequency. It spread to the high region side and the curve became smooth,
and it was confirmed that the sound quality on hearing was improved. Example 2 After cleaning a
carbon fiber reinforced polyester diaphragm (thickness: 061) with freon, a silicon nitride layer is
first formed on both sides by 18 m each by ion plating, and then zinc sulfide is averaged on one
side in the same manner. When deposited to a thickness of 4,600, it showed a beautiful bluebased color tone. The results are shown in Table 1. From these, it can be seen that a color
acoustic plate with improved specific modulus can be obtained by performing the treatment of
the present invention. EXAMPLE 3 First of all, a cr film of 300 A was formed by RF sputtering on
the surface of cone 1 (Table 1, Table 2) (0.1 nue thickness, 1 caliber 5 cm 3) obtained by
injection molding of polyetherimide, and then SiO was formed thereon. When an average film
thickness of 5, 20 OA was formed, it showed a good color of a green system with a very good
definition. When this was compared with the thing which does not vapor-deposit cr to the base, it
turned out that a big difference exists in the color definition. The obtained results are shown in
Table 2. Similar results were obtained with the following configuration, in addition to the
examples described above. As a diaphragm base, in addition to paper base plastic according to
the target speaker (Wooha, Skooka, tweeter), 4Il! Ti O2, Ti O, Zr O, as rigid film transparent films
on fiber reinforced plastic composites or metal thin cone or dome shaped surfaces such as Ti, AI.
If rigidity is insufficient for the transparent film which may form a thin film such as Z r T i O t, M
Q I ′% etc., Ti N, Ti C, BN in addition to the silicon nitride film on the substrate surface. After
forming a few thousands of SiC, Si 3 N 4, a high density carbon film, etc. in a single layer or
multiple layers, in addition to a zinc sulfide film, a C 8 F 18. Coる。 M(lO。 Ndユ0.、
S12o3. Depending on the desired color tone, etc. are deposited by several thousands (the
film thickness is selected depending on the color tone) to obtain a color diaphragm with
improved sound quality. In this case, when the film thickness of the formed rigid film is larger,
the effect of the improvement of the frequency characteristic is larger, and as a metal film
effective as to the clearness of color, Ti, Zn, etc. Good.
[Effects of the Invention] According to the present invention, various materials suitable for
various uses 2 such as woofer, scarca or tweeter, ie, paper, plastic or composites thereof and thin
metal or ceramic base materials with rigidity and desired Providing a color tone provides a color
acoustic board with good sound quality.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 · · · Improvement of frequency characteristics according to Example 1 of the present
invention 1 Yoen 遁 沃 (H2)
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