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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
hydrophone for measuring underwater sound propagation, and more particularly to a
hydrophone used for underwater sound observation and seaborne sound observation in a
seafloor seismic observation system.
2. Description of the Related Art Heretofore, in this type of hydrophone, a receiving wave
element for sensing underwater propagation sound etc. is provided in a cylindrical rubber film
and the periphery thereof is provided with a water resistant treatment by immersing an
insulating oil. It is a thing. The acoustic wave receiving element of this hydrophone uses a
flexural vibrator in which a piezoelectric plate is attached to a vibrating plate, and the two
acoustic wave receiving elements are disposed in the vicinity of both end faces of a cylinder.
Therefore, the vibration sensitivity of this hydrophone is high at both end faces of the cylinder,
and decreases at the center of the side body. When observing seafloor propagation sound, this
hydrophone is dropped into the sea and used while being rolled to the seabed surface. Also, from
the side body of this hydrophone is attached an underwater cable for transmitting observation
data to an observation station on the sea or land.
As described above, when the conventional hydrophone is installed on the seabed, after being
dropped on the seabed with the submersible cable installed, especially in the deep sea, the
installation place or installation on the seabed There is a problem that the change adjustment of
the posture is extremely difficult. In addition, since it is not in a fixed state after installation, there
is a problem that the installation attitude or position changes due to a natural phenomenon such
as an earthquake, and stable observation can not be performed.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The hydrophone of the present invention is a cylindrical
hydrophone having a detection surface on both disc portions thereof, and a seabed provided on
the trunk side of the main body perpendicular to the detection surface. It has a hook-shaped
fixing rod for fixing and a grip for a manipulator provided opposite to the side of the body
opposite to the mounting part of the fixing rod.
The grip portion may have a small cylindrical shape, and a hollow cable connected to the
hydrophone body may be inserted into the hollow portion of the grip portion.
Further, the fixing rod and the grip may be configured to be easily attached and removed.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Next, embodiments of the present invention
will be described with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is an (a) front view and (b) side view showing an embodiment of the present invention.
In FIG. 1, the main body is mainly composed of a hydrophone main body 1, a grip portion 2 for a
manipulator mounted on the upper center of the barrel side, and a hook-shaped fixed rod 3
mounted on the lower portion of the middle of the barrel side. It is done.
A ring 5 made of titanium is provided at the center of the body side of the hydrophone body 1,
and further, the grip 3 and the fixing rod 2 are attached to the screw holes of the mounting seat
6 provided on the upper and lower periphery of the ring 5 There is.
The grip portion 3 and the fixing rod 2 can be easily removed and attached, so that they can be
easily transported if removed at the time of transportation or the like. Further, since the
underwater cable 4 is inserted through the hollow portion of the grip portion 3, when the
manipulator grips the grip portion 3, the underwater cable 4 does not get in the way.
The hydrophone main body 1 is one in which a sound receiving wave element for sensing
underwater sound is inserted in a cylindrical rubber film and immersed in insulating oil to
perform water pressure resistance treatment, and the water detected by the sound receiving
wave element The sound is transmitted by an underwater cable to an amplifier unit housed in
another pressure-resistant housing, amplified here, and transmitted by the underwater cable to
an observation device on water or land.
In the method of installing the hydrophone, first, the hydrophone is dropped onto the seabed at a
predetermined position, and then the installation site is fixed or moved using a submersible
equipped with a manipulator (magic hand) or the like.
At this time, the grip portion 3 is gripped by the manipulator, and in the case of fixing at that
position, the fixing rod 2 is pushed to the sea bottom to the body side of the main body and fixed.
When moving the submersible, the submersible is held by the grip 3 and fixed at a
predetermined position.
As described above, since the hydrophone of the present invention is provided with the grip for
the manipulator of the submersible and the fixing rod for fixing to the seabed, it is possible to use
the submersible for any seabed. It can be fixed in place. Accordingly, there is an effect that the
installation position can be easily changed without the concern that the installation attitude
changes and the observation data becomes discontinuous.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a (a) front view, (b) a side view showing an embodiment of the present invention.
Explanation of sign
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 Hydrophone 2 Fixing stick 3 Grip part 4 Submersible cable 5 Ring
6 Mounting seat
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