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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the
singing of songs and the like, and the improvement of the speaker device in the accompaniment
music reproducing apparatus. [Prior Art] Conventionally, a speaker device for general household
use, etc., which has a relatively simple structure among the singing of a song or the like and the
accompaniment music reproduction device, is provided with a sound quality adjustment function
of reproduction sound from the speaker unit. Because the characteristics of the output level of
the reproduced sound from bass to treble, that is, the frequency characteristics are constant for
each device, the user can not select the reproduced sound according to the user's desire. It has
become. [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] In the above-mentioned conventional
reproducing apparatus, since the frequency characteristic of the reproduced sound from the
speaker unit can not be changed, the installation place of the apparatus when singing karaoke
and the timbre of the human voice It is not possible to distinguish between timbres due to
regional differences (for example, Kanto-style timbres, Kansai-style timbres, etc.), and it is not
possible to obtain timbres that suit your taste. In addition, the user selects the frequency
characteristics according to the type of music to be reproduced, for example, suppresses the low
band by the space of the installation place, or raises the midrange level by the user's preference
according to the type of music to be reproduced. There was a problem that I could not do it. The
present invention has been made to solve the above-mentioned problems, and the low and
middle frequency is changed according to the size of the installation place and the music to be
reproduced by a simple configuration, and the sound quality is arbitrarily set. It is an object of
the present invention to provide a speaker device capable of selecting a sound to be reproduced
from a speaker unit by providing a sound quality switching switch so as to be replaced. [Means
for Solving the Problems] A speaker device according to the present invention comprises a
frequency switching circuit comprising a plurality of inductance circuit elements connected to a
woofer-speaker unit fixed to a speaker cabinet and a bypass capacitor connected to a tweeter
speaker unit And a switch for switching the circuit from the outside of the speaker cabinet.
[Operation] In the present invention, when the switching operation of the frequency switching
circuit by the switching switch is performed, the woofer-speaker unit is driven through any one
of the plurality of inductance circuit elements, and the frequency of the frequency blocked by the
inductance Since the current drives the toe coo speaker uni soto via the noise capacitor, it is
possible to increase or decrease the response in the predetermined range of the low to mid range
according to the switched inductance value. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is a front view of a speaker cabinet provided in a speaker device according to an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a switching
circuit of frequency characteristics in the speaker cabinet. In FIGS. 1 and 2, (1) is a wooferspeaker unit that outputs low- and mid-range reproduced sound, (2) is a tow-a-speaker unit that
outputs high-range reproduced sound, and (3) is a speaker A bass reflex duct for increasing the
sound pressure level in the low / mid range by the effect of the resonator formed inside the
cabinet (4), (5) is a switching switch for switching the frequency characteristic of the reproduced
sound, (6) In the frequency switching circuit, when the drive circuit of the woofer-speaker unit
(1) is switched to the switch position A by the operation of the switching switch (5), it is
connected to the inductance L 5 when it is switched to the inductance L1 switch position B,
tweeter-speaker The frequency band of the voltage applied to the bypass capacitor C connected
in series to the drive circuit of unit (2) is in a predetermined range And it is adapted to change. In
the speaker device having the above-described configuration, the audio voltage applied to the
input terminal of FIG. 2 over the low, middle, and high frequency bands depends on the switch
positions A and B of the switch (5). Cut the drive of the speaker unit (1) at high frequencies. At
the same time, the tweeter-speaker unit (2) is driven via the bypass capacitor C corresponding to
the high frequency cut. For example, if L> L2, as shown by an example of the correlation diagram
between the frequency (Hz) in FIG. 3 and the response (dβ), curve A in the case of the switch
position (A) of the switching switch (5). In the case of the switch position B, a reproduced sound
with a response lower than that of the curve A is obtained in the low / mid range of 200 Hz to
7000 Hz as in the case of the curve B. In the above embodiment, an example in which the two
types of inductances L and L are switched by the operation of the switching switch (5) has been
described. The reproduction sound can be selected from among the various frequency
characteristics. As described above, according to the present invention, according to the present
invention, the switching characteristic of the frequency characteristic is provided inside the
speaker cabinet, and the response of the low / mid tone is easily changed by the switching switch
which can be operated from the outside of the speaker cabinet. Thus, the user's favorite
reproduction sound can be obtained by the simple structure.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a front view of a speaker cabinet provided in each beaker apparatus according to an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a switching circuit diagram of frequency
characteristics provided in the speaker cabinet of FIG. FIG. 16 is a diagram showing the response
with the frequency of the reproduced sound for detailed explanation of FIG.
In the figure, (1) is a woofer-speaker unit, (2) a tweeter-speaker unit, (3) a port, (4) a speaker
cabinet, (5) a switching switch, (6) a frequency switching circuit, L and L are inductances and C is
a bypass capacitor. In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the same or
corresponding parts.
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