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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
excitation module that transmits signals by vibration instead of a bell in order to avoid the
inconvenience of the ringing bell of a portable pager. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The
present invention uses a direct current solenoid as a pager vibration module and uses a
permanent magnet for vibration weight to construct a compact, low cost, low power consumption
vibration module. (Prior Art) As shown in FIG. 3 (^) and (B), conventionally, a pager with an
excitation module applies a gravity center load 23 to a rotating shaft 22 of a motor 21 and
causes vibration by rotation of the motor. It was generated. [Problems to be Solved by the
Invention] In the prior art, there is a problem that the construction of a rotating motor is
expensive, and the weight of the center of gravity is shaken to cause severe wear of the bearing
portion and a short life. [Means for Solving the Problems] In order to solve the problems of the
prior art, the present invention uses a direct current solenoid instead of a motor, and linearly
oscillates the oscillating weight causing the oscillation along the shaft. did. In the present
invention, since the vibrating weight oscillates back and forth along the shaft, the life of the hair
ring is improved, and the cost is reduced because the direct current solenoid is used.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described below in cross section. In FIG. 1, the
vibration unit 78 comprises an oil-impregnated bearing 7 and a magnet 8 for oscillating weight,
and is settled at a fixed position by two springs 2 on both sides, with a shaft 12 at the center of
the case lid (left) 3 Being driven, the oil-impregnated bearing 7 is slidable with the shaft 12, and
the case pig (right) 4 holds the spring 2 in the groove 13 and holds the shaft 12. In the case pig
(left) 3, the drive coil 5 and the detection coil 6 are wound around the left half of the
circumferential portion, and the flexible substrate 9 for the electronic circuit is wound around the
right half. The power supply cotton 11, the drive coil 5, and the coil terminal 14 (not shown) of
the detection coil 6 are attached. Next, the operation will be described. When power is supplied
to the power supply line 11, a current flows through the drive coil 5 and the drive coil 5 is
wound around a stone coil. When the coil 8 is pulled leftward while shrinking the fly 2, when it
comes to the left enough, the detecting coil 6 generates a reverse voltage due to the changing
inductance by the oscillating unit yl · 78 that has entered inside the coil, and as a result The
transistor 15 shown in FIG. 2 is turned off and no current flows in the drive coil 5, and the
vibration unit 78 is returned to the right by the spring 2.
When the sensor coil 6 is returned to the right, the detection coil 6 does not work, and the
transistor 15 is turned ON, and the drive coil 5 is excited again, and the vibration unit 78 repeats
the movement of moving leftward and holding back. Vibration is transmitted to the outside
through the case. The mass of the vibration unit 7B, the elastic constant and stroke of the spring
2 related to it, and the frequency to be generated can be set appropriately, and the component
constant of the circuit for driving is also selected so as to achieve the desired efficiency. do it. As
described above, according to the present invention, since the weight to be oscillated oscillates
along the shaft, the life of the bearing is improved, and since the direct current solenoid is used,
the cost can be reduced.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram
applied to the present invention, and FIGS. 3A and 3B are external views of a conventional
excitation unit. Side view, (B) is a front view.
2 ·, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,, 8,, 9,, 10,, Kesukaba, wings, Kesubuta (left) Kesubuta (right) driving coil
detection coil oil bearing the magnet flexible board electronic components .. Power Wire, shaft,
case metal part groove, transistor, vibration unit and more applicant Seiko Electronics Co., Ltd.
Attorney Attorney Hayashi Takayuki Assistant
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