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When listening to music, high-pitched sound is enhanced if you put your hand on the ear to hear
low sounds. Then the human voice and the middle sound come up. When you put on a
headphone that plays the role of both hands and listen to music such as stereo, the treble is
enhanced and the localization of the sound becomes clear. If a speaker is built in this headphone
and it moves the base of the headphone so that the headphone comes behind or covers the ear, it
becomes an ordinary headphone. Also, if a microphone is attached to this headphone, it will also
be a microphone when recording. When this headphone is attached, since the sound reflected to
the four-dimensional headphone can also be heard, the sound coming directly to the ear feels like
a 4CH stereo. As for the problem of this headphone, it is important to make the material that
high sound does not resonate because high sound is reflected and enters the ear. Materials like
human hands are most suitable. The above is the description of the four-dimensional headphone.
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