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[Issue] Clearly, the CD and its playing system are stuck. There is a long awaited development of
an alternative sound recording medium and its playing system. It would be nice to be able to
invent something new that has not been made before, but for now, there is no one that can
clearly show its potential from anywhere. I also do not leave the area. So again, I went back to the
so-called record and tried to consider why it broke down. So, I found that there was a
fundamental miscalculation in the groove and needle settings in the conventional LP, and I
wondered if what I could really say is stereo recording. [Solution] In a sound groove board (socalled record), the traveling distance of one second of the innermost vortex of the sound groove
is more than the value obtained by dividing it by twice the highest frequency of the recording
electrical signal. The sound groove board and its player, which determined the number of
rotations of the sound groove board and the thickness of the tip of the stylus so that the
numerical value of the curvature diameter of the tip of the stylus of the player cartridge stands in
a small relation. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Sound groove board and its player that optimizes the relation between the stylus and the sound
TECHNICAL FIELD [0001] The present invention relates to a so-called record of an audio, that is,
a sound groove and its player. [Background Art] Until recently, recording media for audio and
video were optical compatible storage media such as CDs and DVDs, and were replaced with socalled sound groove discs so-called records. However, CD does not store sound waves as they are,
but rather digitizes, that is, it stores them with symbols of 0 and 1, so the storage of 30 cm
diameter LP is still 27 minutes on one side In contrast, 12 cm diameter CDs are about to store
about 60 minutes on one side only, so the data bit rate of CDs for the highest frequency 4000
frequencies of LP for 1 second is as high as 2,033,800 bits. Therefore, the length of the bit
becomes extremely small, 0.00059 mm, and the speed of the LP is about 209 mm per second at
the shortest, while the CD becomes 1200 to 1400 mm. As a result, the thinness of the storage
track is as high as 600 LPs, whereas LP is 10 per mm. The track of this thin bit is called a
tracking of light irradiation without a guide called a groove, so it is a tremendous task, and the
present technology can be developed very well for general users is not. For example, although
the light to be applied to the track must be narrowed to 0.00083 mm, such a lens can hardly be
manufactured by ordinary techniques, and even if it can be made, it can be used against the
slight wave of the disc. Also, it must be automatically adjusted to keep a constant focus at a
constant distance to each bit, and while keeping it, it does not leave the vortex track, which is a
sequence of bits, The track must be recognized by the method and rotated while adjusting
automatically. The disc must then be pressed into a mold that can be press molded into a vortex
of 0.00059 mm by 0.00083 mm projections. However, the surface of the projections must be
plated to reflect light well ("CD Player Primer (Corona, 1986)"). Although not very much, it is not
a technology or a commodity that can produce either a disc or a player. By any means, when it
comes to sales, you will have to make some remorse. I think that the person who asked for the
CD is sending audio by radio wave one by one.
If it were, it would not be possible to change and sell various products popularly, but would only
sell certain songs to particular users. So, as mentioned above, I thought that the memory
condition was much slower than CD, but I would like to return to LP and put out a sound groover
and its player without such deception. In the old days, I thought that LP was incomparable, but
first I wondered if stereo recording could really be done to sound two speakers with a single
groove on either side . Is it possible to simultaneously take out different left and right waveforms
as an electrical signal with one needle at the same moment? With my comprehension, I can not
say that it is possible. So I decided to stop stereo recording in LP, turn it into monaural, and if
you want to put on two speakers, it would be better if you want the same sound to be emitted
simultaneously on the left and right. And I was thinking about cassette tape and solved it, but the
needle travel speed of LP is at least 209m / s (= 120mm x pi ÷ 60s ÷ 33.33 / s) while tape The
speed was so short, 47.6 mm, so I wondered if this would make a satisfactory music recording.
Then I calculated how big the wave was in 209msec of LP. The frequency characteristic of CD is
20 to 20 k hertz. I mentioned in the previous application specification (14 / 8.30 application,
Japanese Patent Application No. 2002-296770, "Equivalent-velocity record system"). According
to Dop 1953), the range that a person can hear is 16 to 20000 hertz, but the instrument is 30 to
4000 hertz, and vocals are 80 to 1000 hertz. From this, it can be understood that the frequency
characteristics of a general music storage medium and its player are good at 30 to 4000 hertz.
Therefore, since the sound wave is a single wave in a mountain valley, it is said that it is a
sculpted wave of vibration of the sound groove with the smallest length of 209 mm divided by
8000. That is, it is 0.0261 mm. In addition, the length of one magnet stored in the cassette tape
is 0.00595 mm, or 6 thousandths of a millimeter, which is only 4.3 times of 26 thousandths of a
record. It seems that this can not do a proper recording. I would like to develop a 190.5m / s
cassette tape and its player. Also, I have always been wondering about magnetic tapes.
That is, the magnetic material used therein is a temporary magnetic material such as iron oxide
or chromium oxide and not a permanent magnetic material. According to the Dictionary of
Contemporary Products (Toyo Keizai Shimbun, 1986), the Danish scientist Faldemar Paulsen
succeeded in magnetic recording with a steel wire type magnetic recorder in 1898, and in the
late 1930s The tape has been developed. As will be understood from this, the magnetic material
was initially steel. However, I do not know where it happened, but I understand that it became a
tape in this book and soft iron, soft cobalt and soft chromium have been used all the time. Then,
in 1956, a 4 head VTR for broadcasting was announced by Ampex of America. I do not know
whether this Ampex's magnetic tape was steel or soft iron, but Japanese ones from Sony's that
were released in 1958 are evidence that permanent magnetic materials such as steel have been
used. Not allowed from Like the sound groove board, the magnetic tape must be developed so
that the music industry and the broadcast business can not be realized at all. You must develop
magnetic steel tape by all means. We hope that carbon monoxide steel can be developed and
powdered. By the way, as I learned from "Introduction to the CD player", it is said that the radius
of curvature of the LP stylus (record needle) is based on 0.0254 mm. That is, the needle tip
having a diameter of 0.0508 mm was standard-equipped. In this case, the above-mentioned
0.0261 mm vibration sculpting wave is not filled at all. That is, 0.0508 mm × 8000 / sec =
406.4 ms / sec, 60 seconds ÷ 33.33 revolutions = 1.8 sec / rotation, 406.4 msec / 1.8 × 1.8 sec
/ rotation = 731.59 Milli / rotation, 731.59 mm ÷ π = 233 mm, clogged, not exceeding 300 mm
diameter of 233 mm, says that the needle could not be inserted into the vibrational engraving
wave, which can be used theoretically It turns out that it was not. Therefore, it may not have been
able to be used legitimately like the present CD from that time anymore, and it may have been
taken care of radio waves. I know that when I was a student, my friend at the lodge listened to
the SP record with a non-electric phonograph. The record certainly sounds. Therefore, there is no
need to save electricity. If you can successfully develop a stylus and its cartridge suitable for
sound grooves, it will definitely be. The stylus is cumbersome to replace every time one record is
If possible, I want something that can be used semi-permanently. The highest hardness in nature
is diamond. However, it is quite difficult to sharpen it, and it is said that sharpening like the
above is the last. So I thought it would be legal to use a hard steel needle next to diamond. Also, it
is desirable that the material of the record be as low in friction as possible. [Problems to be
Solved by the Invention] A steel stylus having a curvature diameter of 0.127 mm was used for
the SP board prior to the LP. By 1948, at that time it would have been only possible to sharpen
the needle. However, today, the technique to sharpen the steel needle and the technique to
harden it by baking must be a great improvement over those of about 55 years ago. So I wanted
to use a steel needle for slow RPM records like LP. Wearing diamond needles and steel needles
always wears. The conventional LP needle for LP was not explained that it should be replaced
from time to time, and I thought that I could use it semi-permanently. Steel needles are more
prone to wear than diamond needles, so they will be replaced more often, but if they are
designed to withstand them, they will be advantageous because they are cheaper to manufacture.
Therefore, I want to sharpen the steel needle to about 0.012 mm in radius of curvature. In terms
of area, it is 0.0004523 mm <2> or 0.0213 mm. I think that it is good to keep about 30 minutes
how long it can actually endure the use time. Traditionally, the raw material of the record has
been a polymer of polyvinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, but it is preferable if it becomes a hard
one with less friction and light wear. In particular, it is desirable that the bottom of the sound
groove be as hard and smooth as the surface of the glass. To that end, it is important to smooth
the mountains of the stamper of the final molding die. [Means for Solving the Problems]
Therefore, the present invention is summarized as "claims". Embodiments of the Invention This is
also as claimed in the claims. [Effect of the Invention] According to the present invention, the
sound grooved disc is used as a legitimate recording medium for music lovers, lyricists,
composers and singers as a sound recording medium, ie, the music industry, in place of the CD of
music At the same time, the industry should be given great hope and energy to the stagnating
industry, and it must regain its prosperity like the one after the war.
The characteristic of today's music world is that there is no variety across genres, and in
specialized genres you have to sell immaturity as freshness. I would like to provide a record that
enables people in all areas of the industry to learn about new ideas by asking them to work more
widely and deeply. Certainly, from there, innovation will be born, and the music industry will
reach its unspoiled prosperity. As I think, when every one of the people spends 30 yen per day, it
will reach 1,357.8 billion yen a year. If it is 50 yen, climb to 2,263 billion yen. Although I do not
understand well, it seems that sales such as current CDs are about 100 billion yen in Japan. Also,
I do not hear the story that a new popular singer was born in the United States. The record
industry seems to be in a state of misery in the United States. The downturn in the global
recording industry is because there is no longer a reliable media for general public recording.
According to the present invention, it is possible to provide various items from single-sided single
track single disc to multi-track 30 cm board. Now, when looking at how large the diameter of a
single disc is, assuming that the innermost vortex diameter of the groove is 120 cm and the
playing time on one side is 5 minutes, 60 seconds ÷ 33.33 rotations = 1.8 seconds / Rotation 5
minutes x 60 seconds / minute 1.8 seconds / vortex = 166.67 vortices 166.67 vortices 10
vortices / mm = 17 mm 17 mm + 60 mm = 77 mm That is, a disk with a diameter of 16 cm. And
if the 30 cm board of this number of revolutions is made "the constant linear velocity board (CLV
= constant linear velocity)", when it comes to what diameter it will be, (xπ ÷ 209.44 m / s + 1.8
seconds) 2 × 209.44 / sec × (x−120 mm) × 2 × 10 / milli = 329868 mm × = 237.49 mm
That is, it becomes a 24 cm disc. I'm going to go down, I'd like to go on transitioning to this CLV
because it will be much smaller. In the past, it has been common practice to incorporate a radio
into a record player, but the radio is the current broadcast system, and it is questionable only if it
is studied if it can have a large number of listeners in a wide area. It will occur. After all, the radio
waves are inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the transmitting antenna, so
in my place that lives 30 km from the antenna of the Hiroshima First Broadcasting (20 kw),
20000 w ÷ (30000 m) <2> = 0 It attenuates to .0000222w.
This should not be received at all, but in practice it sounds good. It is drowned in the bad waves
of radio waves as if it was a system of firewood to radio and television. By the way, I wrote this
draft, and I learned through television news that NHK and others will install an antenna for
terrestrial digital television in Tokyo Tower and broadcast it in the whole Kanto region. In order
to mitigate the attenuation phenomenon which is inversely proportional to the square of the
distance as described above due to the spherical radio wave radiation from the antenna, it is said
that the radiation of the antenna is transmitted in a ring shape rather than as spherical as
possible. Therefore, if the transmission is viewed as horizontal without spreading at all, if the
radius of the antenna is 3 meters and the reach is 50 km and 100 km, then 3m × 2 × π ÷
(50000 m × 2 × π) = 0.00006 3 m × 2 × π ÷ (100000 m × 2 × π) = 0.00003 Now,
assuming that NHK fires at 50 kw, 50000 w × 0.00006 = 3 w 50000 w × 0.00003 = It is 1.5w,
and in this case, it seems unlikely that it can not be received depending on the antenna. However,
this horizontal launch will cause considerable radio pollution to the population near the antenna.
(500 m × 2 × π) = 0.006 50000 w × 0.006 = 300 w That is, the inhabitants at 500 meters
receive 300 w of high frequency which corresponds to half of the microwave oven throughout
the day. 200 cc of milk boil to 100 ° C. in 2 minutes. Water in the human body is about 60% of
body weight in adults ("Introduction to the latest human physiology (Asakura Shoten 2000)").
Now, assuming that milk has risen from 10 degrees C to 100 degrees C, while the human body
has risen from 36 degrees C to 40 degrees C, it weighs 65 kg, so with a water content of 39 kg,
200 g x 90 deg / 600 w x 2 minutes = 39000 g x 4 deg / 300 w x x minutes 200 x 90 x 300 x 3
9000 x 4 x 600 x 2 18000 x 300 x = 187200000 300 x = 10 400 x = 34.67 minutes That is, it
causes pneumonia with 34.67 minutes, resulting in high fever. It will be released. Let's take a
look at 1km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 30km, 50km and 100km. Using a simplified version of the
above equation, 3 m ÷ 1000 m x 50000 w = 150000 mw ÷ 1000 m = 150 w 150 x = 10400, x
= 59.33 minutes 150000 mw ÷ 5000 m = 30 w 30 x = 10400 x = 346. 67 minutes = 5 .78
hours 150000 mw ÷ 10000 m = 15 w 15 x = 10 400 x = 693.33 minutes = 11.56 hours
150000 mw ÷ 20000 m = 7.5 w 7.5 x = 10400 x = 1386.67 minutes = 23.11. If you have
pneumonia in less than one hour, you will get a high fever like pneumonia in less than 12 hours
in 10 kg or in less than 23 hours in 20 kg.
This can only be described as radio wave pollution, and we have to look into what to say as a
high-power radio broadcast, scientifically once again to consider the true attack. As I and others
come from all year round yearly radio waves from where they come from, I have always realized
that I should compensate for water and salt, and I try to do it. Note that the above calculation was
performed when the radio wave was launched without any horizontal spread at all. So, let's look
at the case where it seems that it is quite near actually, which was emitted from an antenna with
a distance of 1 meter so as to have a spread of 1000 meters in 50 kilometers ahead. 3m × 2 ×
π × 1m ÷ (50000m × 2 × π × 1000m) = 3 m × 1m ÷ (50000m × 1000m) = 0.00000006
50000w × 0.00000006 = 0.003w 0.003x = 10400x = 3466667min = 57778 hours That is, at a
distance of 50 km, the problem of radio wave pollution disappears, but at the same time, the
received power becomes extremely small at 0.003 watts and reception can not be performed at
all. However, at 1 kilometer, 50000 m / 1000 m = 1000 m / x x = 203 m × 1 m ÷ (1000 m ×
20 m) = 0.000015 50000 w × 0.00015 = 7.5 w 7.5 w = 10400 x = 1387 minutes = 23.11 hours
In other words, it takes 23 hours to have high fever. Well, let's say it is a newborn baby.
Assuming that the weight of the baby is 2700 grams, the percentage of water is said to be 77%
("The latest introduction to human physiology 1"), so its moisture content is 2079 grams. The
baby is 1 kilometer away from the antenna and how much damage it will take is 1387 minutes x
2079/39000 = 74 minutes That is, it will suffer from a very high fever in 1 hour 14 minutes.
Then, how would it be at 4 km? 50000m / 1000m = 4000m / x x = 80m 3m x 1m ÷ (4000m x
80m) = 0.00 000093 50000w x 0.0000093 = 0.469w 0.469x = 10400 x = 22175 Minutes
22175 minutes × 2079/39000 = 1182 minutes = 19 hours 42 minutes, that is, less than 20
hours, the baby will develop high fever. Thus, despite considerable harm, the received power is
only 0.469 watts, which is nearly unreceivable. Now, if one wire is the only line that can be
received, how many meters away will the radio wave leaving the antenna be that one wave?
If it spreads by 1000 meters at 50 kilometers away, if it spreads by x meters at y meters,
50000m / 1000m = y / x y = 50x Therefore, the launch area of the antenna and the reception of
y points are possible The ratio to the area is 3m × 1m ÷ (y × x) 3m <2> ÷ (50x × x) 3m <2>
÷ 50x <2> 0.06m <2> / x <2> 50000w × 0.06m <2> / x <2> = 1 w 3000 wm <2> = 1 wx <2> x
<2> = 3000 m <2> x = 54.78 m y = 50 x = 50 × 54.78 m = 2738.61 m That is, from the antenna
At 2739 meters, 50 kilowatts of emitted radio waves decay to only 1 watt. From there, it is
hardly possible to receive from there. Nevertheless, in the case of spherical radiation in all
directions, the received power is as large as 1 / 0.00666 = 150 times as compared to 50000 w
÷ (2739 m) <2> = 0.00666. Since radio waves emitted with a width of 1 meter spread to 1000
meters in 50 kilometers away, if it takes x meters to spread to 1 meter wide by its diffusion rate,
tan θ = 1/2 ÷ x, tan θ = 1000/2 ÷ (x + 50000) 0.5 / x = 500 / (x + 50000) x = 50.05 m tan θ
= 500 / (50.05 + 50000) = 0.00999 θ = 0.5724 That is, the radio wave Despite the fact that the
launch angle is less than one degree, it has been endorsed by great attenuation. Therefore, radio
waves are not something that can be defeated, and even if you look at various things such as
digitization, you will not be released from unmanageable material. Of course, this is true not only
for television but also for radio waves. Therefore, it seems that home radios and televisions will
all be replaced by wired networks in the future. In that case, we do not use the current radio
frequency as it is, but drop it to about 10 kilohertz and intend to avoid the radiation loss and
resistance loss of the electromagnetic wave by making it a rather high voltage rather than a low
voltage like a telephone There is. And, if possible, I would like to have a power line on this radio
cable broadcasting medium and turn on the power switch so that I can listen to the program.
Thus, when the radio is wired, it can not be received by the mobile.
In order to be on a road, it is conceivable to launch a radio flux of only the width of the road from
the traveling direction, but a freeway with few bends would be impossible on a general open
road. When driving a car, if you do not have any stimulation, you will sleep naturally. I hope you
can listen to your favorite music and audio news as needed. Rasio is the quickest way, but it's a
weird thing, so it's a good idea to have cassette tape records such as music and news readily
available and to be able to listen in car players without problems. I have proposed "Circuit
Record", "Circuit Newstape" and "Circuit TV" in "Tele-delivery (14, 4 and 24 applications,
Japanese Patent Application 2002-162178)", but they are for mobile use. I want to sell tape
records. As we could propose that this teledelivery can be performed without problems by the
low frequency high voltage transmission method, I think that it will definitely be a thing. I'm
hoping that I'll be working on NTT's company luck. The time of human life is unchanged at 24
hours a day. As you can see if you take a car, it is a civilization that spans 24 hours to 60 hours
and adds value to use. The source of maintenance and development of that civilization is energy.
Therefore, it can be said that energy is a source that can extend the time of human life beyond
natural phenomena. The exhaustion of oil is inevitable. From now on, we will advance the
alcoholization of coal, and it will be to compensate for it, but none of them will end in the end. In
this way, the maintenance and development of the life civilization in the future seems hopeless,
and as screamed at the time of the oil shock, it can only be regressed to the primitive civilization
that relies only on the sun, air, earth and water. The scream seemed to be settled by global
nuclear power development, but now it is made to be recognized that nuclear power is not
profitable at all, probably nuclear fuel will not be available in the profitability line, even 11 in
Japan I am in a state of hibernation. Once again, fear that oil exhaustion has darkened the future
of humanity has begun to govern humanity. In order to ensure the survival of humanity for a
long time in the future, whatever must do, we must ensure that artificial energy of solar energy,
which is eternal energy, is artificially utilized. The conviction of this possibility is what promises
peace in humanity every day. It seems that I could finally complete the "solar wind power
generation method" by spending nearly 20 years.
If you look at the vast wasteland under a cloudless blue sky such as North Africa, the Middle East,
Australia, etc. on the TV of New Year's Day, you will be able to discover the source of
maintenance and development of the future human civilization on the ground where that
civilization has not settled It can. I would like to see the prospect of opening up the current end
of the day by making use of solar energy as soon as possible. If the prospects are established,
electoralism called democracy has settled on the earth, and this one, in financial debtlessness, it
is inhumanity to say that it is good if it only contends its control right without choice of means.
Of a criminalist group, trying to live diligently even under political policy, which would favor if it
would eat the past heritage of others without denying labor, ie cultivating civilization People,
humanity, will inevitably be open. As soon as possible, the government wants to make efforts to
restore its energy security and restore security. If this administration is carried out, we are
convinced that the consumption activity which has been suppressed will be greatly eased and the
whole economic activity must be fully revitalized without a complete fiscal and finance move.
However, until now, it has continued to rely on Doha horizontalist ideology (thought to pick up
dreams and efforts to climb up on its own), especially the electronic civilization industry, unless it
carries out major thought reform, ie
It would be impossible to hope for a true upswing without
becoming a philosophical how human being should be . I have given the electronic
civilization industry the ideal dream of the present invention in many fields. Electronic civilization
industry is by no means aristocratic. There is survivability in the place where aristocratic culture
is changed into popular culture with scientific civilization. The music industry also has a dream of
development and advancement only by riding on the electronic civilization industry. The steady
progress of the electronic civilization industry without a dream is widely demanded by the public
in a wide sense. The music industry must be convinced of the deception of the electronic
civilization industry that is required, and must enthusiastically pursue learning from basic art.
The practical application of the present invention is, as mentioned above, to support it, and it is
desirable to record classically any genre of music in a large scale. There is no doubt that it
promises the flowering of the music industry in the future. Each artist is personally well
protected by copyright. However, it is the big and small entrepreneurs who put those artists on
electron. What I would like to expect from that entrepreneur is not to try to rely entirely on
finance, as in the case of the traditional harmony-leveling society, but to foster artists because
each entrepreneur himself needs to be at a minimum. Should be responsible for
This is where it is possible to eliminate the collective repression of the personal improvement of
talents arising from horizontalism, ie from financialism, and to promise progress in culture. I
would like to call the promised action to the large capital. I want to look forward to having new
dreams such as Bill Gates and Mr. Idei have new dreams as the growing up of many copyright
holders. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a functional explanatory view of a
lever type cartridge of the present invention.
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