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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
transmitter-receiver using a ceramic vibrator mounted on an ultrasonic sounder or a fish finder
used in seawater or in water. In the past, the transducers used for these were only one ultrasonic
frequency emitted from one transducer / transmitter or one transmitter. The reason is that
among the single ceramic transducers There is only one efficient frequency, and the others all
have lower performance. However, the applicant succeeded in making it a high-performance
ultrasonic performance, and one transducer. However, they have succeeded in efficiently
emitting multiple frequencies.
2. Description of the Related Art As is known, as shown in FIG. 3, as shown in FIG. 3, the
structure of a conventional rattan transducer is provided with a diaphragm (2) made of rubber,
nylon or the like on the front of the ceramic vibrator (1). Attach the sheet (4) such as Styrofoam
which absorbs the emission of ultrasonic wave directly on the back of ceramic vibrator (1) on the
back side opposite to the back side and further set up an air room (5) etc behind it. Due to the
fact that there is a general structure that prevents the sound wave from being emitted, a ceramic
transmitter-receiver can use only one of the electro-mechanically most effective frequency parts
of the ceramic vibrator. In general, only one frequency can be emitted by one element.
The applicant of the present invention has previously proposed an acoustic emission device in
which an object having a heavy weight and a large acoustic impedance is attached to the surface
of the ceramic vibrator opposite to the diaphragm side as a performance improvement type of
the transmission / reception device. An application was made to improve the efficiency and
launch a stronger ultrasonic wave from the diaphragm side.
However, in the case of the crucible, the specific description of the bonding structure for bonding
between the ceramic vibrator and the back object is not described. However, as a result of
repeating many experiments after that, the ceramic vibrator and the back face in the case of a
relatively small ceramic vibrator in which a complex standing wave does not exist in one ceramic
vibrator at a low frequency or a high frequency. Although good bonding is possible with the
object, if the frequency is high or a single transducer is very large and there is a complicated
standing wave, it is necessary to fix it at the node or belly of the standing wave. It turned out that
the result would be a loss of performance. Therefore, this application is filed by stacking various
experiments in order to realize the improved version.
As described above, when the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is very high or the size of the
ceramic vibrator is very large, a complex standing wave is present on the surface of one vibrator.
Appear. And the standing wave always generates concentric nodes and antinodes in the same
part, and the nodes are hardly vibrated and the antinodes are vibrated largely. It is the present
invention that the ceramic vibrator is focused on a crucible that repeats its original vibration with
almost no hindrance to its performance if fixed using a part. Next, it is said that heavy objects
such as iron blocks provided on the back are as heavy as possible in the previous invention, but if
the weight of a heavy object is also properly selected, the inherent vibration will also exist in the
object, so ceramic An appropriate natural frequency can be selected including a vibrator and an
iron block. Therefore, the applicant should be able to emit a plurality of ultrasonic waves while
using a single ceramic vibrator as a transmission / reception device by matching the natural
frequency to the constant harmonic frequency of the natural frequency possessed by the ceramic
vibrator. Is a complete transmission / reception device.
invention is an improvement invention of Japanese Patent Application No. 8-357460 filed earlier
as an apparatus for emitting ultrasonic waves strongly, and is structurally similar to the prior
application. Is a common invention, so a large acoustic impedance, such as an iron block, is
placed on the back of a ceramic oscillator that emits ultrasonic waves, and the entire surface is
directly bonded to support and bond between the iron block and the ceramic oscillator. If a
standing wave is present on the surface of the ceramic vibrator, support the part of the standing
wave or a part of the belly and support it and further include an iron block etc. provided on the
back and the ceramic vibrator The weight is set, fixed and supported so that the mechanical
natural frequency which they have corresponds to the second and third natural frequency which
the ceramic vibrator has.
The contents of the present invention show the basic contents of the present invention, and in an
embodiment of the present invention, the transmission / reception apparatus for transmitting
ultrasonic waves conventionally used, the transmission / reception apparatus to be improved
thereafter, etc. It is applicable to a wave device.
A concrete embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. 1. (1) is a ceramic vibrator, which
is the same as a conventional one. The structure different from the conventional structure in
which a diaphragm (2) made of a nylon plate is provided is a structure of the back surface, and
an acoustic such as porcelain or ceramic ring-like structure which supports concentrically or one
central position on the back surface of the ceramic vibrator (1). An object having an objective
rigid body (8) is fixed, and an object having a high acoustic impedance consisting of an iron block
(3) and the like similar to that shown in the previous application is adhered to the back surface.
There is no difference from the conventional structure. The reason why an acoustic rigid body (8)
made of porcelain or ceramic is provided between the ceramic vibrator (1) and the iron ingot (3)
here is as described in the section of the invention. When standing waves are present on the
surface of the ceramic vibrator (1), if the whole surface of the crucible is directly acoustically
affixed with an object with high acoustic impedance such as an iron mass (3) that is a rigid body,
the ceramic vibrator (1) The reason is that the material of the acoustic rigid body (8) is made of
porcelain or ceramic because it should be an iron ingot that is the same rigid body. However, if
the frequency is increased acoustically, the floating capacitance existing around the iron block
can not be ignored, so it is made of porcelain or ceramic which is an electrical insulator.
The second embodiment is a specific embodiment of the contents described in claim 2, and this
embodiment is an embodiment in which a plurality of ceramic vibrators are provided in one
transmission / reception device. The structure of the Kakino seed type transceiver is simply a
structure in which multiple ceramic vibrators are stuck on a single diaphragm, and the
mechanical vibration present there as a whole is too small compared to the mass Therefore, the
current situation is that the efficiency is bad and the output can not be output as you desire. To
this end, the present embodiment can provide an innovative transmission / reception device
capable of producing high efficiency and large output. [Fig. 2] (1) shows a plurality of ceramic
vibrators. A feature is that multiple pieces are mounted on a single diaphragm (2), and the
structure up to here is the same as the conventional one with no difference from the
conventional one. The ceramic vibrator (1) is much more efficient than the conventional one by
providing an object (3) with large acoustic impedance consisting of a large single iron plate or
the like that can cover the entire back of the ceramic vibrator (1) of It can often emit ultrasonic
waves to the entire surface. This structure is to be described in Hei 8-357460. Furthermore, an
acoustic rigid body (8) made of porcelain or ceramic in a ring shape is provided between the
back object (3) and the ceramic vibrator (1). The effect of the ring-shaped acoustic rigid body (8)
is the same as that described in the above [Example 1], and the object (3) having a large acoustic
impedance consisting of a rigid body such as an iron plate provided on the back is directly If it
adheres to the back of 1), it is good when the frequency is low, but if the frequency is high, the
vibration of the ceramic vibrator (1) is limited and can not exhibit sufficient performance. A ringshaped object (8) made of porcelain or ceramic which is an acoustic rigid body is provided
between (3) and the ceramic vibrator (1). And other structures other than the above have no
difference with the conventional one. As described above, the present embodiment can provide
an innovative transmission / reception apparatus which can achieve a significant improvement in
performance only by slightly changing the conventional structure. Furthermore, the construction
of the device makes it possible to emit several ultrasonic frequencies while at the same time
greatly improving the performance, and of course it is also possible to carry out the emission of
single frequencies with the same structure. Also, when the frequency is very low, the ring-shaped
acoustic rigid body (8) provided in the middle is abolished and an object with large acoustic
impedance (3) consisting of a plurality of ceramic vibrators (1) and a back iron plate etc. In the
case of conventional transmission and reception, it is also possible to directly fix and use the
ultra-low frequency resonance frequency existing there by comprehensive mechanical resonance
including the ceramic vibrator (1) and the back object (3). It is a great feature that does not exist
in the device.
The ultrasonic wave emitting transmitting / receiving apparatus according to the present
application provides a transmitting / receiving apparatus capable of emitting a powerful
ultrasonic wave as never before. Furthermore, the application of the transmitter-receiver similar
to the one for the long-time was filed by [H8-357460] in 1996, but the application of T is if the
frequency used is in the range of several tens of KHZ according to the subsequent experiments
[Height 8- There is no problem with [357460], but if the frequency reaches several hundred KHZ
or more, the effect of standing waves on the surface of the vibrator can not be ignored, and if an
object such as an iron lump is brought into close contact with the back of the vibrator It turns
out that the output changes in a direction that impedes the vibration of the vibrator, and
therefore it is found that the invention is devised as a measure against the problem. Since the
invention acts on both emitting and receiving ultrasonic waves including the previous one, the
effect is so large that it can not be ignored and the experimental results show that the size and
frequency of the transducer used individually. Even if it is different but at the lowest level, the
improvement of several db can be desired if the condition is good, so it is considered that this
effect can not be ignored.
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