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письмо о конференции 02 октября 2015 (англ)

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We invite you to take part in the conference
Saratov State University
Faculty of Law
Chair of Criminal, Ecological Law and Criminology;
Criminal Proceeding, Criminalistics and Forensic Enquiry
Volga Region Institute of Cooperation(affiliated branch) of
Autonomous Non-Commercial Institution of Higher
Education of Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of
the Russian Federation «Russian University of
International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Legal Institutions and Ways of Protecting Environment
in Russia, CIS Countries and EU: Current Condition and
ul. Vol’skaya 10a (build. 12, Saratov State University),
02 October 2015
We are inviting university lecturers, academic staff, practitioners, undergraduate,
graduate and postgraduate students to take part in the International Scientific and
Practical Conference that will be held on 02 October 2015 at the Faculty of Law,
Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia. Participants may choose between
participation in person or distance participation.
Mission: Discussing topical issues of environmental legislation, theory and
Tasks: Identifying ways and means of improving law-making and law
enforcement practice of environmental protection.
Conference topics:
• Environment condition and efficiency of governmental means to provide environmental
and radiation security and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population in Russia and
• System and components of environmental law: general and specific issues of the
legislation, theory and practice of differentiating branches of law in Russia and abroad;
• Legal ensuring of environmental interests of individuals, society and state in modernizing
production, economy and innovation technologies in Russia and the world;
• Current condition and efficiency of governmental organizational and legal means of
environment protection;
• Insurance and economic mechanism of environment protection: legislation and efficiency
of environmental material and technical basis;
• Examination and auditing activities in environment protection: legislation and objective
expert and environmental audit reports;
• Legal regulation of genetic engineering, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies to ensure
security of individuals, society and state;
• Environmental education and culture. Environmental aspects of religious studies and
• Environmental offences and legal liability. Juridical persons as subjects of administrative
and criminal liability for environmental offences (comparative analysis);
• Ensuring security of the population in man-made and natural emergencies;
• International cooperation in environment protection. Prevention of environmental
emergencies and restoration of environment protection objects destroyed during terrorist attacks.
Conference Overview:
9.30 – Conference Registration (floor 5, lobby)
10.00 – Opening Session, Welcoming Address (floor 5, room 610)
10.30 - 11.30 –Plenary Session
11.30-12.00 - Break
12.00-14.00 –Panel Sessions (floor 5)
Send submissions by electronic mail in a Word document to
[email protected]: (file name: surname-proposal). Deadline for
submissions is 25 September 2015. Research supervisors are entitled to send their
students’ proposals by electronic mail.
Organizing committee will inform potential participants of accepting or rejecting their
submissions. Proposals and articles that do not meet the deadline and requirements will not be
accepted and registered.
Participation in the conference is free.
Participants themselves cover all the expenses (travelling fees, accommodation, etc.).
For more information contact Elena O. Glukhova at (8452) 213665, 89172174922.
The conference proceedings indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index will be
published following the conference.
The committee admits articles submitted by:
post-graduate students;
graduate students;
undergraduate students who are 1,2,3 prize winners in the panels;
undergraduate students whose papers are recommended by panels chairpersons.
To have their articles published, participants should send their articles (file name:
surname-article) and recommendation of their research supervisor (scanned or
printed version with a signature of their research supervisor and a seal of the
affiliation institution) to [email protected] Deadline for article
submission is 20 October 2015. Research supervisors of SSU law students are
entitled to send their students’ articles by electronic mail.
International Scientific and Practical Conference:
“Legal Institutions and Ways of Protecting Environment in Russia, CIS
Countries and EU: Current Condition and Efficiency”
02 October 2015
Participant’s full name:
Undergraduate student / graduate
student / postgraduate student / lecturer /
Country, city, town:
Specialization / major, year, group,
chair (for undergraduate, graduate and
postgraduate students):
Phone number:
Title of the Presentation:
Research Supervisor (for undergraduate,
graduate and postgraduate students): full
name, phone number, affiliation,
position, degree, title.
Submission date:
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