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MaxColor Dream stick for Xbox One
Installation manual
The package includes the following items:
A:2 pieces of concave analog sticks; B: A circuit board; C: 3 screwdrivers.
1. How to install.
<1> Screw the controller handle side cover open with the flat-blade screwdriver and use the provided
screwdriver to remove 5 screws shown below
<2> Shown in the picture below, desolder 8 wires and remove 2 screws to take out the PCB.
<3> Place the provided circuit board onto the front of the Controller PCB and solder up the 9
points shown below.
<4> Place the modified controller PCB onto the backplane board, solder up the 8 wires (circled
in red) and solder up the 2 power wires shown below.
<5> Place the crystal analog stick in place along with the back cover and side handle cover and
screw it in place. The installation is completed.
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