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Director of Guest Services – Sample Job Description
Title: Director of Guest Services
Reports To: (insert name/position)
This role is critical to the health and success of our church. You are responsible for the experience
elements from the street to the seat. You will make guests feel comfortable when they arrive and create an
effective and healthy team environment for volunteers. Overall, you are leading volunteers to influence an
environment where life change happens. Doing a great job results in a distraction-free guest able to focus
on the music and the message. Our ultimate goal is to lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus
Christ. To us, that is a big deal! To us, you’re a big deal!
You need to be:
 A team player
 A problem solver
 Focused on growing spiritually
 Healthy relationship with spouse (if applicable)
 Healthy relationship with children (if applicable)
 A motivated leader
 Obsessed with excellence
 A great manager of time
 Committed to the vision and values of the church
 An effective writer
 Inspirational communicator
 Hospitable
 Great with interpersonal relationships
 A committed learner
You are responsible for:
 Setting vision, quality standards, set of behaviors, and values for all volunteers that results in action.
 Pastoring volunteers toward the Biblical principle of serving.
 Developing key volunteers to become team leaders.
 Inviting, selecting, equipping, connecting, and evaluating new volunteers.
 Scheduling and organizing several training opportunities for volunteers throughout the year.
 Preparing resources for and leading volunteers during Sunday worship experiences.
 Utilizing a helpful database to schedule volunteers.
 Following up with anyone interested in joining Guest Services and oversee the application process.
 Leading side-by-side with the Pastor to ensure your work aligns with the church’s vision and
 Educating and equipping the staff to understand the guest experience.
 Leading weekly team meetings with volunteers.
 Creating and managing a budget.
 Coordinating traffic officers and signage for Sunday services.
Work Schedule: 40-45 hours per week, Sunday - Thursday
Employee Signature:_________________________
Supervisor Signature:_________________________
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