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Wiki Project Guidelines
U.S. History: 2009 - This Wiki is intended to serve as a reference and study tool.
All information added must be from your text book or other scholarly source!
Ethics of Editing
This guideline defines the acceptable behavior when editing articles in the Class Wiki.
Do not edit any text that you have not added to the wiki
This is not the place for advocacy (political, religious etc)
Do not submit material that could be judged as obscene, offensive, defamatory of other
people or otherwise illegal
Do not use this site for unlawful purposes. These include spamming, virus
creation/infection, the sexual exploitation of minors or incitement to hatred.
Do not use “text-speak” in your contributions
You must sight ALL of your source materials
Wiki Assignment
During the course of the school year you will be responsible eight (8) wiki posts.
Some will be individual posts and other will be composed in small groups.
Seven (7) of the posts will be prompted from the class standards on the material we will
cover in class.
One (1) of the posts will be a person, event, happening, etc. of your choosing.
Updating the Wiki
There will be scheduled days that we will update the Wiki.
You will not add anything to the Wiki outside of class – we will all work on the Wiki on
scheduled days in order to avoid mass confusion.
Your post must be composed in Word and be copied and pasted onto the Wiki.
Please do not edit anyone else’s additions.
Wiki Post Requirements
The following requirements must be met in order to receive full credit for each of the eight posts.
Posts must be 300 words minimum/500 words maximum.
You must have at least two (2) scholarly sources for your post – your book will be your
primary source. The other may be another journal article, book, speech, or historical
document – as long as it is a scholarly source.
The post can be either in paragraph form or bullet points or a combination – the subject
matter, NOT your personal preference, should determine your choice of format.
Your post must be composed in Word before the Wiki update day.
Your Word document will be turned in on the day we update the Wiki.
Your personal historical post must also contain an appropriate image along with your write
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