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BAM Booster Club Board Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2012
Allan Thorpe, Mike Silves, April Cheadle, Orlando Boleda, Joy Archer, Rick
Stafford, and guest Mark Bickford
Not present: Jay Stemmler, Lynn Erickson
Start time:
9:00 AM
1. Orlando presented the treasurer’s report. Will be depositing a check from Club Assistant in
the amount of $1,795.07 as revenue from BAM Fest. Parks Department has requested that
BAM Boosters help pay for Coach April’s travel expenses to a recent training session. The
amount to reimburse Coach April is $352.66. All members agreed and Orlando wrote a
check to April. Rick bought a cake to celebrate swimmer Cindy Ruggierio’s accomplishment
of swimming 200 miles for the year, and asked if he could be reimbursed the cost of $22.99.
All agreed and Orlando wrote a check to Rick.
2. On a backstroke clinic update, Rick said that Kate Carr would like to be financially
acknowledged for her time at the upcoming clinic. John Keppler, the backstroke clinic
leader, will be paid $500, which he has asked the Booster Club to keep and put toward a
pace clock. He said he would be happy to pay Kate $100 out of his fee. Majority agreed this
was fine.
a. On the topic of purchasing a pace clock: a digital one is much more expensive than
an analog one, but is definitely preferred. Rick suggested joining with BISC to
purchase one together that both teams could use. Joy suggested looking for a used
one on ebay or Craigslist.
i. Action item: Rick will talk with Coach Carolyn of BISC to figure out who would
make the purchase decision for the pace clock. Rick will also search for used
3. Larger issue of how to acknowledge volunteer coaches as well as past board members was
introduced by Rick. Volunteer coaches often step in if Coach April is sick or needs to be out
of town, but they’re not compensated in any way. Is there a way to compensate them?
i. Action item: All to consider ways to methods of compensating and recognizing
4. Holiday party: Mark Bickford bringing homebrew IPA beer, but we’ll also need some other
varieties. Discussed what to buy for the party.
a. Action item: Rick and Mark will go to Costco and purchase wine, beer and paper
products for the party.
i. The budget was decided:
$120 for cleaner for homeowner
$200 for wine
$80 beer kegs
$60 non-alcoholic beverages
$60 paper products (plates, bowls, cups, name tags)
1. Plastic forks, spoons and knives will be provided by homeowner
Meeting adjourned at 9:40 AM.
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