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Peter the Great St. -Petersburg Polytechnic University
St.Petersburg State University
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
St. Petersburg Center for Medieval Culture Studies
St.Petersburg Martin Luther society
International Scientific Conference
(The era of Reformation as the spiritual 500-years resource of European
philosophy, culture and science of New Time)
16th – 17th of April, 2015
Saint Petersburg
Conference Chairman: Dr. Iwan Phokin, Professor of St.Petersburg Polytechnic University of
Peter the Great
Department of International Educational Programms
Grazhdansky prospect, 28a, St. Petersburg, 195220, RUSSIA
Phone/fax: ++7 (812) 3294742
E-mail: [email protected]
16. April, DO
(English language)
1. Prof. Iwan Phokin (Polytechnic University of St.Petersburg) 11:00-11:25 – Introduce
and report to the beginning of Conference.
- The world-historical sense of Reformation and 95 theses of Martin Luther.
2. Prof. Walter Sparn (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) - 11:30-12:15
- Rise and Fall of Prognostic Astrology in Scientific Paradigms of Early Modern
3. Doc. Olga Pasuchina and Prof. Wladimir Gura (Polytechnic University of
St.Petersburg) - 12:15-13:00
- The Concept of Personal Freedom According to Luther and Calvin: an Attempt of
Comparative Analysis.
4. Prof. Vadim Musaev (Polytechnic University of St.Petersburg) - 13:00-13-40
- Significance of the Reformation for Consolidation of Independence and State
Sovereignity of the Kingdom of Sweden.
KAFFEPAUSE 13:40-14:30
5. Petra Kraus M.A. (Art Historian, Deutsches Theatermuseum, München) 14:30-15:10
- The relation of Lucas Cranach and Martin Luther in the mirror of the starting reformation.
6. Alexander Shipilov (State Museum Reserve “Peterhof”, Herzen State Pedagogical
University of Russia) 15:15-15:55
- The Protestant aesthetics in art of German and Dutch painters of XVI-XVII centuries.
7. Dr. Violetta Trofimova (State University of St.Petersburg) 16:00-16:40
- Further Reformation in the Life and Works of John Dury and Dorothy Moore Dury.
8. Adjunct prof. Pavel Satskiy (Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine) 16:4517:25
Indulgence and reformation: two points of view on the financial pyramid of the late
Middle Ages.
SUPPER - 17:30-19:30
17. April, FR
(Russian language)
1. Prof. Oleg Dushin (State University of St.Petersburg) 11:00-11:25
– Faith versus reason: Leo Shestov about Martin Luther.
2. Prof. Olga Pavlova (проф. СПбПУ) 11:30-11:55
Reformation in Europe and in Russia at XVI-th and at the beginning of XVII-th century
(economics and politics).
3. Prof. Igor Yevlampiev (State University of St.Petersburg) 12:00-12:25
- Boris Chicherin about Potestantism in political theories of Modern Time.
4. Marina Zummstein (University of Heidelberg) 12:30-12:55
Simul iustus et peccator – Martin Luthers Disputation in Heidelberg /Martin Luther and
the Heidelberg Disputation.
СОFFEE BREAK - 13:00-14:00
5. Doc. Lada Tsypina (State University of St.Petersburg) 14:00-14:25
- Kierkegaard’s Christian heroism and the heritage of Reformation.
6. Doc. Elena Timmermanis (Polytechnic University of St.Petersburg) 14:30-14:55
- The Reformation and Counter-Reformation: 17th Century German religious poetry.
7. Prof. Vladimir Gura and doc. Olga Pasuchina
St.Petersburg) 15:00-15:25
(Polytechnic University of
- Concept of Personal Freedom According to Luther and Calvin: an Attempt of
Comparative Analysis
8. Doc. Sergej Volzsin (State University of St.Petersburg) 15:30-15:55
– Martin Luther und die deutsche Mystik.
9. Ass. Rodion Savinov (St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine) 16:0016:25
- Divine Logic: Formalism in Reformed Exegesis.
10. Doc. Natalja Mednis (Kaliningrad State Technical University) 16:30-16:55.
- Model «Reformation» and «the second scholasticism» in modern Russia.
11. Dr. Sascha Salatowsky (University Erfurt/Gotha) 17:00-17:25.
- Materilism at the End of Aristotelianism. The Socirian Christoph Stegmann and his
concept of Methaphysics.
SUPPER - 17:30-19:30
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