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Dear students! We are happy to present you videos devoted to British writers and
hope that you will find the videos informational and useful! Watch the videos and
solve the quiz!
Видео - part 1
1. What British writers are mentioned at the very beginning of the video?
2. What is the name of the theatre initiated by W. Shakespeare and his playing
3. When did the theatre burn down?
4. When was the theatre rebuilt?
5. The rebuilt theatre is extraordinary by many things. One of them is the lack
6. What inspired the outstanding English writers Thomas Hardy and William
Wordsworth during their writing career?
7. What influenced Charles Dickens?
8. What famous novels were written by Charles Dickens in his house which has
now been turned into a museum?
9. At what age did Charles Dickens start working?
10.What are the 2 things which Ch. Dickens wrote about and which are still
very relevant today?
Видео 2
11. Name the authors of «1984», «The Chronicles of Narnia», «The Lord of the
12. Name the market which is the location of Diagon Alley from the Harry
Potter films where wizards come shopping.
13. Name the author of the children’s novels which served as the basis for the
Harry Potter films.
14. How many copies of the Harry Potter books have been sold throughout the
15. What expression does Amanda Craig use while speaking of J. Rowling’s
impact on literature?
16. Name the author of «Dark Materials» trilogy?
17. Name the author of «The James Bond» spy novel for teenagers.
18.Name the author of «How to Train your Dragon».
19. Complete the expression which the novelist and the Times critic for
children’s literature Amanda Craig mentions while elaborating on the
reasons why Britain is such a breeding ground for writing talent: «we want
to make them (people) feel... ».
20. Amanda Craig names 2 great authors who have always served as an
example for British writers. Who are they?
Thank you for taking part in the quiz! The winner will be announced next
Monday, April 13, during the closing ceremony of the week of Foreign
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