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Жаворонкова А.Е.
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Сибирский федеральный университет
Институт управления бизнес-процессами и экономики
Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but there is such term as the canons of
beauty. This article will answer on the certain questions: What are the canons of beauty
nowadays? And who are creating them?
Let me turn now to the historical facts. Everything in the world is so changeable that
even the canons of beauty are changing over time. To prove this point of view let`s look at the
most famous countries of the past.
Firstly, the ideal of beauty of Ancient Egypt was a slender and graceful woman with
delicate features, high forehead, straight nose, full lips and almond-shaped eyes. The most
beautiful eye color was considered green, as it was a rare color for ancient Egypt. In Ancient
Egypt women were summing eyebrows black lines of mascara, obtained from a mixture of
ash, soot. Egyptians were convinced that they prevent diseases and misfortunes and to protect
the eyes from the bright sun. Black, smooth hair was of great value. But the acme of elegance
and grace was updo, which emphasized the long neck. Ancient Egyptians were painting the
nails on the hands and feet in green color so that to complete the image.
Secondly, Mayan women were painting their bodies with red ointment, which was
sticky and odorous. Different paints were used for the faces as well.
Thirdly, the ideal of beauty in Ancient China was the creation of a fragile Constitution,
long hair in a beautiful braid, thin long fingers and soft palms, delicate skin and a pale face
with high forehead, small ears, black hair and a thin black eyebrows, red lips and a small
round mouth. It is the portrait of classic Chinese beauty. Ladies shaved off the part of the hair
on the forehead to lengthen the face. Long red nails were the important attribute for the
aristocratic woman. Special thimbles were put on the nails. The Breast of girls 10-14 years
was pulled a linen bandage. The feet should be tiny, for that purpose the young Chinese
women broke all the fingers except the thumb, bandaged with strips of cloth to stop until four
little finger is not pressed against the sole. In this case, the standard Chinese beauty reflects
the phrase: "Beauty is pain".
Let`s turn now to Ancient Rome, where by the cult of light skin and blond hair was
dominated. The Romans were the first to master the secret of hair bleaching. The standard
Roman beauty was slender and graceful figure. Face features Roman beauties had to be small:
large eyes with large eyelids, correct almond shape ,high nose, mouth, reminiscent of a
hunting bow. Hairstyles were complex, and many women used fake hair, hairpieces, wigs.
Now let`s move on to Ancient Greece, where there was a cult of a trained body. The
Benchmark of beautiful body among the Greeks was the sculpture of Aphrodite: height - 164
cm, chest circumference - 86 cm, waist 69 cm, hips - 93 cm. Greek canons of beauty beautiful
face combined large eyes, straight line of the nose, the chin, the low forehead, framed by curls
of hair parted down the middle. The blue eyes, golden-haired hair and a bright, shiny skin we
Giving one more interesting example we should turn to the Middle ages, where the
earth beauty was considered sinful. The figure was hidden under a layer of heavy weight
fabrics, and the hair under the cap. The ideal of medieval women was blessed virgin Mary
with an elongated oval face, big eyes and a small mouth.
To illustrate the beauty of the Renaissance, we should mention beautiful pale
complexion, slender Swan-neck and high net forehead. Long oval face ladies shaved front
hair and plucked eyebrows, and because of that the neck seemed long. The powerful body
with wide hips, a luxurious fullness of the neck and shoulders was popular. A required stroke
for the beauties of the Renaissance was thick, curly hair of gold, like gold or honey. The legs
should be long and slender. The Renaissance was the return of femininity. Women were
painting the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, nails and demonstrated underline breasts through
her dress.
In the era of Rococo woman reminded fragile porcelain figurine, with smooth rosy
cheeks and a little mouth. According to the standard of Rococo beauty the woman should be
graceful, light, playful. Beautiful Rococo ladies had narrow shoulders and a thin waist, small
bodice contrasted with huge round skirt. The main emphasis was placed on the hair.
Expensive pleasure was trying to save as much as possible: for weeks combed her hair and
washed down. The Queen of Spain, Isabella of Castile once admitted that over a lifetime,
bathed only twice - at birth and the day of the wedding. In fashion were "multi-storey" hair,
there were no eyebrows of the face, high foreheads.
The most interesting facts of the Beauty Image History have already been mentioned,
so what is the standard of beauty in our time? We will try to answer this question, using the
opinions of other people.
We carried on a survey on the topic "The standard of beauty of the 21st century". The
students 18-20 years were asked. The purpose was to create a portrait of the beauty of the 21st
century based on the opinions of interviewees. We used the method of questioning in social
networks. The survey took place in March 2015. Respondents answered the question: «How
do you see the standard of female beauty of our time»? The respondents had several
obligatory criteria for description: the shape of the face, length and hair color, eyebrow shape,
form and color of eyes, shape of nose, shape of the mouth and lips, skin color, body type.
Some additional criteria descriptions were mentioned as well. 50 people were interviewed.
Based on the data provided, we have compiled a graphical representation of the results
of each category describing the beauty and portrait beauty of the 21st century.
The results of our research are following:
Question No. 1: What is the ideal face shape?
The answers to this question showed that 72% of interviewees consider the oval face to be
ideal. 22% of respondents pointed out the heart-shape face and only 10% - round.
Question No. 2: What is the ideal hair length for a woman?
The answers were rather predictable: 86% respondents voted for long hair, 14% - medium
length, short hair was not mentioned.
Question No. 3: What is the ideal hair color for a woman?
The answers have indicated that blond hair is still on the top – 78%, dark hair is on the second
place – only 12%, and 10 % of respondents showed the indifference to the hair color.
Question No. 4: What is the ideal eyebrow shape should for a woman?
The respondents were united in this question – 100% for curved eyebrow.
Question No. 5: What is the ideal eye shape and eye color for a woman?
The results have revealed that all respondents consider almond shape preferable. The largest
part of interviewees consider blue almond eyes are the ideal ones – 50%. 40% of respondents
pointed out green almond eyes and only 10% of respondents mentioned brown almond eyes.
Question No. 6: What is the ideal nose shape for a woman?
The results have shown that a small strait nose is considered as the perfect by 92% of
interviewees. 8% have mentioned snub nose as the most attractive.
Question No. 7: What is the ideal mouth and lips shape for a woman?
Small mouth with full lips was suggested as the ideal by the majority of respondents – 96%.
The rest pointed out small mouth with thin lips.
Question No. 8: What is the ideal skin color for a woman?
As we can see 54% of respondents supported light skin, a little bit less respondents – 40% mentioned dark skin as preferable. And for 6% skin color was not important.
Question No. 9: What is the ideal body shape for a woman?
100% of respondents suggested the slender athletic shape as the perfect one.
Several additional criteria were mentioned:
The average height should be 160-170 cm.
A woman's beauty should be natural.
The inner beauty was mentioned as well.
The ideal woman should be intelligent, kind, sociable, and tidy, with a charming smile.
According to the survey result we tried to create the standard of female beauty. This is a
slender woman with an oval face, long blonde hair, arched eyebrows, almond-shaped blue
eyes, small straight nose, a small mouth and full lips. A woman has light skin tone. However,
such a woman has not only beautiful appearance, but also a rich inner world, which is an
important sign of beauty as well.
1) Доминики Пике. "История красоты" 2003 г.
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