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Tender holding conditions for the right of contracts conclusion for design,
equipment delivery for the 1st stage general maintenance with the blast
furnace №8 modernization of the blast furnace shop of PJSC «DMKD»
1. Subject of tender is proposed as a single lot: design, equipment delivery for the 1st
stage general maintenance with the blast furnace №8 modernization for PJSC
«DMKD», in accordance with « Technical design specification from 23.03.2015»
Technical specification
Design, engineering
Equipment delivery, complex structure:
Facilities of central unit of BF №8 with bin trestle.
Power facilities.
Electrical facilities.
Recycling water supply facilities.
Blast furnace
volume m3:
Yearly production, thousand t/year
Daily output, t/twenty-four hours
Volume-efficiency rationBlast temperature, °С Oxygen blast enrichment level, % Gas pressure under the furnace top, MPa
Dry skip coke consumption, kg/t Pulverized coil consumption, kg/t Slag ratio, kg/t -
Commissioning and training
Electronic files attachments: - TOR from 23.03.2015; thermal probes TOR-347-4902-2014;
Tuyere level zone lining out of aluminous (clay building) bricks ТЗ-347-4903-2014; BF lining ТЗ-347-49042014; BF cooper coolers ТЗ-347-4905-2014; BF cast iron coolers ТЗ-347-4906-2014; BF untapered charging
unit ТЗ-347-4907-2014; hearth and iron receiver lining with carbon blocks, aluminum silicate products and
ceramic nozzle ТЗ-347-4909-2014; hot metal tap hole closing machines ТЗ-347-4911-2014; hot metal tap
hole opening machines ТЗ-347-4912-2014; manipulator ТЗ-347-4913-2014; overhead single beam crane,
loading capacity 20/10t ТЗ-347-4914-2014; heat exchanger «combustion gases-air», «combustion gasesblast furnace gas» for the waste heat recovery system of waste furnace gases from the blast heaters, ТЗ347-4915-2014; requirements to the commercial quotation content and technological complex scope of
* - PJSC «DMKD» reserves the right for itemized purchase of Commodities and
2. Form of tender holding:
Multiple stage tender, combined with qualified selection of applicants. Invitation to tender is conducted
by the announcement on PJSC «DMKD» web-site and by commercial inquiries.
After tender closing by tender board the decision will be made (without attendance of the tender
participants) regarding supplier selection on the basis of the quotations received and PJSC «DMKD» technical
specialists final decision about the possibility of the offered product usage in PJSC «DMKD» conditions.
2. Qualifications-based selection conditions:
For the qualifications-based selection the participating companies have to provide the documents to
tendering process assigned person (refer to par. №4) till 01.06.2015 (up to and including):
PJSC «DNEPROVSKY IRON AND STEEL WORKS» reserves the right to reject any all the quotations
in whole or in part, and also to not accept tender quotations with the lowest price or any other quotation that
can be received. PJSC «DNEPROVSKY IRON WORKS» shall not compensate any expenses or loses that
can be incurred by any applicant during its technical and commercial tender preparation or in other case
connected with the further development of the quotation.
Tender participant, irrespective of whether its quotation is accepted or not and all the other recipients of
the tender documentation and also members of the negotiations have to consider the information obtained as
4. Deadline for submitting documents for qualifications-based selection:
Tenders are required to be submitted till 01.06.2015 (up to and including), by the e-mail:
[email protected], and also by fax:+38(0569) 51-67-87, 51-67-77.
Contract assigned person is: Bugrov Dmitriy Borisovich phone: +38(0569)51-60-93.
5. Decision date for the supplier selection:
Decision for the given product delivery will be made on
tender participants
6. Product requirements
- Guaranteed use period – maximum, according to the item passport of the manufacturing company;
- Manufacturing date – not until 2015;
7. Delivery conditions:
To be considered the quotations are accepted on the following conditions:
1. CPT, DDP, DAP - Dniepropetrovsk (INCOTERMS 2010) – (for comparison) all quotations will
be put at the uniform basis of delivery. Complaints against calculations methods shall not be
8. Price and payment conditions:
7.1. In the commercial quotation price shall be stated:
- without VAT;
- in UAH.
7.2. If price is indicated in the other currency re-calculation in UAH will be made at the rate of National
Bank of Ukraine as of tender holding date.
7.3. Preferred payment condition is «payment upon delivery on a deferred-payment basis».
7.4. PJSC «DNEPROVSKY IRON AND STEEL WORKS» when concluding the contract reserves the
right to request the following documents together with the product delivery:
- for import products:
Certificate of origin – certificate – document containing information of the product country of origin.
Certificate ISO 9001 – certificate-document, confirming that the system of quality control is existing at
the company and operating there.
Quality certificate – certificate, verifying quality of the given product and its compliance with the
Standards requirements.
Product passport –bearing a mark of production date
- for domestic products:
Certificate of compliance, legalized by certificate issued authority (in case of mandatory certification) –
document certifying item compliance to the requirements of technical regulations, standards conditions, rules
and regulations or contract conditions.
Quality certificate (passport) – certificate, certifying quality of the given product, its compliance to the
standard requirements, technical conditions.
9. Quotations evaluation and supplier selection criteria:
- PJSC «DMKD» technical specialists’ final decision regarding the offered products compliance to the
Clients requirements;
- Price and quality* optimized ratio;
- Tender participants’ technical and commercial quotations compliance to the requirements of PJSC
«DMKD» stipulated in the given tender conditions;
- Experience of the previous deliveries;
- Preferred payment condition is payment upon delivery during 20 banking days.
- Preferred contract form – according to PJSC «DMKD» form.
- To be considered commercial quotations are accepted directly from the manufacturing companies
supplied with the corresponding documentation or from the official representatives (dealers) afforded with the
certificate of representative (dealer) issued by the manufacturing company.
*PJSC «DMKD» is not obliged to accept tender offer with the lowest price or any other offer that can be
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