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Who Needs a Holiday?
Unit Portfolio Presentation
Katherine Gregory
Unit Summary
We’re going to go back in time! The Commonwealth of
Virginia is having a contest: Virginia wants to add a new
holiday to the calendar, but doesn’t know who to name it
after. Although unable to make a decision, state historians in
charge of new holidays have determined that they want the
holiday to be named after an American from history who has
made important contributions that have changed the lives of
Americans. Students will compete against each other by
constructing an argument showcasing the Famous American
they have chosen to be awarded a holiday! After arguments
are given, students will decide by popular vote who is the
most important Famous American.
Curriculum Framing Questions
Essential Questions
• How could you change history?
• Could you make an important contribution that changes the
American Way of Life?
Unit Questions
• What are contributions?
• Why are some contributions throughout history more
important than others?
• Why are the things people did from long ago still important
to us today?
Content Questions
• How did George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B.
Anthony, Helen Keller, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther
King, Jr., help to improve the lives of other Americans?
Holiday Winner Selection Project
This project will help my students develop 21st century
skills by:
Demonstrating originality and inventiveness in work.
Developing and communicating new ideas to others.
Being open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives.
Exercising sound reasoning in understanding.
Framing, analyzing and synthesizing information in order to solve
problems and answer questions.
• Articulating thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through
speaking and writing.
• Working appropriately and productively with others.
• Demonstrating diligence and a positive work ethic.
Gauging Student Needs Assessment
Through brainstorming, writing, and sharing, students and I
will work together to assess ongoing needs and progress.
Students will take responsibility for keeping track of their work
using checklists, and make sure they are meeting their groups
needs through the use of a collaboration checklist. Students
will reflect on their learning regularly in a learning log, and
have opportunities to show what they have found using exit
slips. Students will create a final product of a written
response and a movie, and all students will write an award
letter to the Famous American of their choice, explaining why
they have been chosen.
Request for Feedback
I would love ideas for integrating science,
technology, and writing into any portion of the
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