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To become a better artist
South Laurel Middle School Arts and Humanities Dept.
London, KY
What is Peer Review?
 Peer review is a way each of you can get objective (NOT
mean spirited!) feedback from your peers!
 It is a way to help and be helped by other students!
 It is a way to grow as an artist, AND
 Help others grow as artists!
Traits of Good Peer Reviewers
 Good Peer Reviewers are
 THOROUGH in following format of reviewing. No
rushing through.
 Truly THINK about each item
 ARE SERIOUS! No “cute” or flippant remarks.
 KNOW that a fellow student put a great deal of time
and effort into the project. KNOW that he or she
deserves respect!
Good Peer Reviewers…
 Offer suggestions, NOT commands.
 Never argue with the artist.
 Simply offer suggestions and move on.
Good Peer Reviewers…
 Use “I feel” Statements
 NEVER use “finger pointing” language such as “You
did” this or “you didn’t do” that.
 Example: “I feel the focal point in this piece needs to
be emphasized more”.
Good Peer Reviewers…
 Are careful to phrase all comments CLEARLY and
CAREFULLY so the artist easily understands what
needs improvement.
 Are careful to ALSO include comments about what is
done very well!
Good Peer Reviewers…
 Makes sure all comments are CONSTRUCTIVE and
 Never says something as vague as: “I think you need to
work on it some more”.
 An example of good direction would be: “I don’t feel
there is a pathway for the viewer’s eye to follow.
Perhaps if you repeated this element of color it would
create one.”
Good Peer Reviewers
 Avoid turning the artist’s artwork into YOUR artwork!
Not only must you be a good
But you must also be a
A Good Reviewee
 Accepts CONSTRUCTIVE criticism well
 Does not argue. Simply listens to suggestions and
considers them.
 Knows he or she may not accept every suggestion, but
does not become defensive.
 Understands that the viewer may have a different point
of view…and that is ok.
 Does not become angry.
A Good Reviewee
 Does not give “excuses”
 Simply listens
 And thinks whether he/she feels the suggestion is
something he/she needs to do
 Thanks the reviewer!
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