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Welcome to APUSH
Teacher: Brian Kurth
About Mr .Kurth
Student at Appleton East
Marian University- Masters
Taught 2 years in Guatemala and 2 years in
• Taught U.S. History at Horace Mann H.S. in NFDL
• Taught Civics and Western Civilization at
University Lake School
• Second year at Appleton East teaching APUSH,
U.S. History and Head of the Social Studies
• In-depth college level course meant to
prepare students for the AP test
• Look at history from multiple angles and
• Extensive amount of reading and writing
Class website and remind 101
Goals of Mr. Kurth’s APUSH class
• 3 or greater on the AP test
• Students will be fully prepared and ready to
succeed in any college level social science
• Students gain an extensive understanding of
U.S. History and how it has shaped the society
we live in.
The AP Test
• Taken in early-mid May. Cost is around $90.
• How hard is it?
- Redesigned test: 55 stimulus based MC, 4
Short Answer, 1 LRQ, 1 DBQ.
- Competing against the top high school in
the country and world
“Why should I take it? Sounds
- Potential to save thousands of dollars
- Potential to pick your classes early
- Will be fully prepared for college courses/tests
Based upon UW Madison what you will receive for your
AP score…
1- Nothing
2- Nothing
3- 3 General Education credits
4- 6 History credits and do not have to take the required
two U.S. History courses
5- Same as 4
History of the APUSH Test
at East and AASD
• Low passing scores for the past decade- on
average 40% with a 3 or better
• West and North averaged around 75%
• Mr. Kurth took over APUSH last year and raised
the level of the course. Results: 70% had a 3 or
better with six people receiving 5’s.
• Overall East average for scores last year was 3.1.
National average was 2.7.
• 80% of East APUSH students last year took the
“Is this class going to kill my GPA!?”
• Most likely no. APUSH class averages last year
were 91.5%, 88.6%, and 82.1%
• There is definitely a lot of work though and
your ears, eyes, and mind need to be open
“What about all of my extracurricular
activities and/or job!?”
• Ability to juggle many different responsibilities
• Ability to focus
• In order to succeed in life you need to…
1. Trust yourself and abilities
2. Don’t be afraid to fail (or for some of you receive
anything less than an A)
3. Don’t listen to the naysayers including
sometimes yourself
4. Most important rule: WORK YOUR BUTT OFF
5. Give back to your family, community, country
Now Lets Get To Work!!
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