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To duplicate a slide in the Normal view, right click on it and select Duplicate
Black is advised for text in case people can’t see color. The red bullet is the
same as the red used in logo. To insert bullet and assign that color:
● Click where bullet should be inserted.
● Go to Insert: Symbol.
● In bottom right corner, select Unicode(Hex) in the drop-down menu.
● Under character code type: 25CF.
● Click insert.
● Select bullet and go to Home: Font: Font Color: More colors: Custom tab.
● Make sure color model is RGB and, for red, insert these numbers:
Red: 219; Green: 0 (zero); and Blue: 41.
● Click OK.
● For gold, use Red: 161; Green: 141; and Blue: 80.
Report/Presentation Title
Prepared for the client name here
● Author
● Author
● Author
● Author
For further information
Contact the La Follette School’s publications office at
608-263-7657 or [email protected]
Or see
Thank you
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