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Friday Quiz

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1. Arrange the following steps of the
Scientific Method into the correct order
by placing a number in the blank:
 ____
 ____
 ____
 ____
 ____
 ____
Analyze Data
Develop a list of Procedures
Form a Hypothesis
Collect Data
Develop the Research Question
Draw Conclusions
2. Based on the photograph, write down
the statement that is an observation.
A. The athlete Is thirsty
from a long practice.
B. The person is drinking
C. The person thinks
Gatorade is better than
any other sports drink.
D. It looks like it might
3. Which of the following is an
observation only?
The piece of metal is red, so it
must be hot
B. The child’s block is orange.
C. The street is wet, so it must have
D. The table looks like it is made of
4. When you draw a conclusion or make
an assumption about an observation you
Developing a hypothesis
B. Stating the research question
C. Analyzing an experiment
D. Making an inference.
5. Which of the following
statements include an inference?
The test has 50 questions, so it
must be difficult.
B. The piece of metal is red.
C. The thermometer shows that it is
86 degrees today.
D. The table is made of wood.
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