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Earth and Environment Dept. of
“The Spatial Information Infrastructure of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) for Earth Sciences and
Environmental Resources”
GIIDA Mission
• To shift from a “traditional” data centric approach to a more advanced service-based solution for Earth System Science and
Environmental information.
• To shift the focus from Data to Information Spatial Infrastructures in order to support decision-making.
• To implement interoperability with international initiatives (e.g. INSPIRE, GMES, SEIS, and GEOSS).
• To reinforce the Italian presence in the European and international programmes concerning digital infrastructures, geospatial
information, and the Mega-Science approach.
• To apply the National and International IT standards for achieving multi-disciplinary interoperability in the Earth and Space Sciences
(e.g. ISO, OGC, CEN, CNIPA).
Active Partners/Pilots
GIIDA issued a Call for Proposals (CFP) selecting 23 high-level
The pilots consortia:
• 17 Institutes of the CNR belonging to 5 different
• 3 Italian Regional Administrations: (Lombardia, Puglia,
and Basilicata)
• 3 National Research Agencies
• 4 Universities
• 5 SMEs
GIIDA established liaisons with:
ISPRA (the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection
and Research);
CNIPA (the Italian Centre for Informatics in Public
Thematic Areas/Systems
GIIDA realizes a “System of Systems”; in fact, it applies a mediation
framework to federate thematic sub-systems –serving different Societal
Benefit Areas.
These sub-systems (or infrastructures) are called GIIDA Thematic
Systems. Resources are actually managed and provided at this level.
GIIDA thematic areas are:
• Biodiversity and Ecosystems
• Climate Changes
• Air Quality
• Soil and Water Quality
• Risks
• Sea and marine resources
• Joint Research and Public Administration Infrastructures,en/
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