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Part II
 Lincoln wanted Union troops to act swiftly, put down
rebellion quickly
 South continues to raise army and move troops toward
Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia
 First battle: Battle of Manassas (Bull Run)
 Confederates encamped at Manassas, VA
 Just 25 miles from Washington, D.C.
 People come to watch battle
 Manassas was an important railroad junction
 Union attacks, are winning battle at first
 Confederates rally behind Jackson, win battle
 Roughly 5,000 casualties
 Manassas (Bull Run) 1861
 Union had advantage in naval power
 Many wooden, sailing ships
 Confederacy has no ships
 Confederates salvage an old abandoned navy ship, the
Merrimack, bolt iron plates on it
 “Ironclads”: iron-plated boats
 Confederates rename the boat the Virginia
 Virginia destroys many Union ships around Hampton, VA
 Wooden boats now obsolete
 Union scrambles to build an ironclad
 Build the USS Monitor
 Monitor sails from New York to Hampton Roads, VA
and engages the Virginia
 Two ironclads fight for 4 hours in the battle of
Hampton Roads, ends in a draw
 Union blockade of Southern ports keeps supplies and
shipments from reaching the South
 Trent Affair
 April 1862- New Orleans captured by Union
 Fell to Admiral David Farragut
Admiral David Farragut
 Admiral in United States
 Ulysses Grant begins campaign to take control of
Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers in Tennessee
 Would give Union control of Tennessee, foothold in
 Grant moves attention to town of Shiloh, TN.
 Battle of Shiloh: April 6-7, 1862
 Casualties- 23,746 (Union and Confederate)
 Shiloh (1862)
 Manassas (1861)
 McClellan attempts to march from Hampton, VA to
 Engaged by Lee’s troops several times (Battle of Seven
 McClellan unable push back Confederate troops
 Union troops do not reach Richmond
 30,000 casualties together
 As Union withdraws from Peninsula, Lee moves his
forces closer to Washington.
 Two forces meet again at Manassas, VA
 Confederates force Union troops to retreat
 18,500 casualties
 Lee sends troops into Maryland; North invaded
 Shiloh (1862)
 First Manassas (1861)
 Seven Days (1862)
 Second Manassas (1862)
 R.E. Lee and Jefferson Davis believed and invasion of
the North would cause Union to accept Southern
 Union troops must not allow Lee to reach D.C. via
 Two forces meet at Antietam Creek, Maryland
 Bloodiest battle in American history
 Over 26,000 casualties
 Union forces do not break Confederate lines, but
Confederates forced to retreat due to heavy losses
 Union victory keeps England from supporting
 Union victory at Antietam gives Lincoln opportunity
for a political victory
 He issues the Emancipation Proclamation 5 days after
the battle of Antietam
 States that on January 1, 1863 , all slaves in rebellious
states are Freed
 Done to undermine South, changes the outlook of War
 Shiloh
 First Manassas
 Antietam
 Seven Days
 Second Manassas
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