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By: Evan Adamson
Brian Bathke
The Scenario
Engineer with 10 years of experience
and $100,000 has 2 options.
a) Become a consultant for small time
engineering firms. (Finds work 30% of the
time for $130 dollars/hr)
b) Open up a vehicle repair shop in the local
mall for go-karts, dirt bikes, bicycles, etc.
(Will be sold in 20 years)
Brian will look into the profitability of
being a small time consultant.
 Evan will research the cost and profits
behind opening a repair shop.
Data will be found through research into
how productive a shop would be along
with its expenses and how well an
engineer can live as a consultant.
 Also economic analysis will be used to
analyze which over the 20 year time
period will be more profitable using
chapter 5 techniques.
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