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1.Log on to your student portal
2. Select “My Support”
3. Select “Ask a Question”
You will then be taken to the
screen below
4. Select “I am an international
5. Select sub category “International
Scholarship Application”
6. Write
"International Scholarship
Application" in the title box
7. Please type a short message in the description box. Do not copy and
paste your application into here.
You will not start to upload your application form until step number 10.
8. Select "preview" - This will show
you a summary of your message.
This will show you a summary of
your message.
9. Select "log now"
You will now see your enquiry summary on the screen
and will be able to upload your completed
application form.
10. On the top right hand side of the screen, use the "select an action" box
and select "upload a file" from the drop down menu.
11. Select "upload a file"
12. “Browse” to select your
application form.
13. Once you have selected your saved
application form select "upload now"
14. This will take you back to the enquiry summary screen and your document will
have been added and can be viewed under the file attachments section
15. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your scholarship application. We
will be in contact after the deadline date to confirm if you have been successful.
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