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My Britain
What is Great Britain? For many people it is Big Ben and
a three-colored flag. But for me it is the country which I
dream to visit. The country which presented us English.
The country of the sailors who discovered America and
Australia. This is the country in which many people
want to live.
This country is full of opportunities, sights, famous
people. It united Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and
Charles Darwin
For me one of the most
interesting people of England is
Charles Darwin who was the
great traveller, the scientist and
the writer. He created the wellknown book "About an Origin of
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton was a
great person in the
world of science. This
Englishman is the
founder of science.
William Shakespeare
The great writer William
Shakespeare was one of
the most outstanding
Englishmen. Thanks to
him all in the world know
"Romeo and Juliette's"
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