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Ukraine: Just Business
Hilton Prague
15 April 2015
Ukraine: Just Business
is an international forum that focuses on central
questions concerning the future of the Ukrainian
economy and business development. It will be taking
place in its current form for the first time. The forum
gives representatives from the EU business an
opportunity to share ideas and enhance understanding
on a selected topic of current economic policy.
The Forum is organized by the Ukrainian Chamber of
Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Lavrynovych &
Partners Law Firm.
Under the title “True colors of Ukraine”, the forum will
discuss topics, such as the ever greater demand for
investments and the changes in the roles played by
state authorities, and identify future prospects.
Ukraine: Just Business
Improve the investment image of Ukraine and regain the lost
trust of potential investors
• Yes, Ukraine is a courageous people who defend the
independence, unique culture, fertile land
• But Ukraine is also factories, ports, technologies, qualified
specialists and promising markets andhuge business
And we will help you to see them!
Ukraine: Just Business
Transform the image of Ukraine from "victim country",
"country-revolution", "country-chaos" to "through the thorns
to the stars", "country-opening", "country-potential"
Mitigate the implemented recent message of the public
consciousness, positioning Ukraine as an agrarian country
(as if the industrial capacity is destroyed, there is nothing
useful except black soil)
Using the illustrative examples of stories of successful
international cooperation to convince the business
community of the reasonability of the investment in the
Ukrainian economy
Win the loyalty of the media and key opinion leaders,
turning them into "Ambassadors of the Ukrainian
investment attractiveness"
Ukraine: Just Business
The world does not know the truth about Ukraine, the mass
consciousness is influenced by myths - social, political,
economic. So we are here to tell the truth.
Ukraine is not only a bridge between the "West" and "East".
People do not live on bridges, it's just corridors. People live
in Ukraine, a lot of people who are also consumers, and
qualified staff for companies in various industries.
Therefore, we must look at Ukraine, not as a territory where
someone's interests are realized, and as an economic
system with great potential.
Ukraine is not only Maidan, borshch, gopak, bacon, Femen.
It is Glushkov’s Cybernetics, Sikorsky’s helicopter,
Vernadsky’s philosophy. And it is still promising and
unregulated country’s market, taken the path of European
Despite the tragic events of recent times, Ukraine remains
a country with enormous business opportunities
The higher the risk, the greater the prize in case of winning.
Courageous people will become rich.
Ukraine: Just Business
Forum’s unique features
Framework : best practices of doing business in Ukraine
Pool of speakers:
• business owners who really work in Ukraine and top
managers of Ukrainian offices of international corporations
• nationals of countries that are doing business in Ukraine
• Ukrainian citizens, whose businesses are associated with
the country where the event will be held of (investments in
companies, import/export of goods and services of country
where the events will be held, other forms of international
• representatives of prioritized sectors of the economy for
each country
• Ukrainian VIP-business media journalists who highlight
appropriate topics
Ukraine: Just Business
Media coverage
off the records, but with the participation of representatives of partner
media and media of the host country
the opportunity to participate online for advance registered
participants from the host country (those who can not attend in
Media support
Press conference announcing the project: Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Maksym Lavrynovych, Gennadiy Chizhikov, Olena Derevyanko
News on the official websites of the Foreign Ministry and UCCI
Media placement within the media partners loyalty programs (formed
in the overall media plan)
Participation of journalists-curators of relevant topics (editorial and
architectural composition of the media partners, as well as other VIPUkrainian journalists – in consultation with the media partners)
Internet representation of the project - separate sections or news on
the official website of the project page in Facebook, project news –
Twitter, Youtube-channel
Promo materials
Print edition of investment attractiveness of Ukraine
Promo video (demonstrated before the expert session)
Applications for smartphones
Ukraine: Just Business
Date: 15 April 2015
Venue: Hilton Prague, Congress Hall 3
Pobřežní 311/1, Prague 8-Karlín
Programme Overview
15:00 Expert Panel Session
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine
Ukraine: challenges ahead
Gennadiy CHIZIKOV,
President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine
The outlook for the region: recent growth opportunities
the Chairman of Board of Atoll Holding, the Chairman of Supervisory Board
of Eurocar
Ukraine as an external industrial platform for the world's automakers.
Experience of the Eurocar’s plant – Skoda’s local partner in Ukraine
Managing Partner with Lavrynovych & Partners
Best practices in risk management and sustainable development
Managing Partner of PR-service Agency, Vice-President of Ukrainian PRLeague
Moderator: Luboš PALATA, CE Editor MF DNES
From 17:30 Evening reception
hosted by the Lavrynovych & Partners
Ukraine: Just Business
General Partner
Strategic Partner
Media Partners
PR Partner
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