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PHP Web App Examples
• Create a site where users can browse books,
add them to a cart and check out…
• Goals
– Users should be able to browse books by Category
– Users should be able to add items to a cart (what
is a cart?)
– Users should be able to purchase the books (what
info would a retailer need for to do this?)
– Administrative portal to edit content of the site.
Building the Online Catalog
Tracking user selections while they shop
Implement a Payment System
Build an Administrative Interface
User View Plan for Book-o-Rama
Admin View for Book o Rama
Stuff that is missing…
• A “real” payment system.
• Order tracking and fulfillment…
• Customer view of order tracking (current or past
• Book pictures must be uploaded via sftp with the
correct name and to the correct directory…
• No user logon, personalization, book
recommendations, book reviews, qty in stock etc.
that would be needed to make this a “real”
PHP Forum
Start new threads
Reply to threads
View Articles
See threads (follow reply chain)
View relationship between articles.
Posting Structure
Application Structure…
Database Structure… Flattened Tree?
Things that are new…
• Treenode Class – collapse and expand tree
Good but not Great…
• Could add navigation to get you to the next
article or jump to other messages in the
• Admin interface to setup new forums and/or
delete old posts
• Add authentication so only registered users
could post
• Add moderation and/or censorship to keep
out ads and/or inappropriate content.
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