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YoungLives Update
May 2011
The Need: Out of Wedlock
“In 2009, 41% of children born in the
USA were born to unmarried
mothers (up from 5% in 1960). That
includes 73% of non-Hispanic black
children, 53% of Hispanic children and
29% of non-Hispanic white children.
Those are not misprints.”
(“Our view on kids: When unwed births hit 41%, it's
just not right”: USA Today, January 25, 2011)
The Need: Out of Wedlock
The Need: Teen Pregnancies
One in 10 American babies are
born to a teen mother.
This represents the secondhighest teen birthrate among
developed nations. Only Bulgaria
has more teens having babies.
The Need: Teen Pregnancies
“…evidence is overwhelming that
children of single mothers —
particularly teen mothers — suffer
disproportionately high poverty
rates, impaired development and
low school performance.”
(“Our view on kids: When unwed births hit 41%, it's just
not right”: USA Today, January 25, 2011)
Our Response
Number of Active YoungLives
Who We Serve
•In a YoungLives survey in 2010, we found
that YoungLives mission-wide serves
about 35% African-Americans, 31%
Latinas, 28% Caucasians, and 5% Native
•The common denominator among most of
these girls is poverty. Roughly 80% of the
girls that YoungLives serves receive public
In the Eastern Division
There are 48 Active and Start-Up
YoungLives ministries in the
Eastern Division.
This is just about double what it was
this time last year.
In the Eastern Division:
Start-Up Highlights
•Baltimore, MD
•West Chester, PA
•Middletown, OH
•Martinsburg, WV
•Commonwealth Region
•Zanesville, OH
Basics for Start-ups:
Baseline for bringing on a
coordinator (even volunteer):
•Notify Div. Coordinator
•Interview w/ RD or AD
•Determine model (stand-alone or
within YL area)
•Set budget (volunteer/PT/FT)
•Determine training plan
YoungLives Camping
June 25 - July 1, Camp Buckner - Texas
June 25 - July 1, Michindoh - Michigan
July 6-12, Washington Family RanchCreekside – Oregon
July 16-22, Lost Canyon – Arizona
Aug. 6-12, Lake Champion – New York
YoungLives Work Crew
Work Crew – Lake Champion and/or
Fundraising Goals:
•Camp scholarships ($5k)
•Subsidize trainings ($7.5k)
•Matching grants ($15k)
•Regional Coordinators & Regional
YLVS days ($27.5k)
Total: $55k annually
Other Stuff
•New Mentor Training Handbook
•Speaking at staff days, committee/leader
•Materials: brochures, YLVS case
statement, etc.
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