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Final Exam Review
• Release questions via webcourse “assignment” around 10am, 04/23
(next Monday), due via webcourse at 6pm, next day (next Tuesday)
• Submit format:
– Word file, PDF file
– Scanned answer sheets
• Make sure your writing is large and readable, file names show page number
– Photos of your answer sheets if you have no scanner
• Make sure it is readable, file names show page number
• You can resubmit, so submit first version early!
– Don’t wait until the last one hour to submit!
– No excuse of not being able to submit! (unless webcourse is down for
the all day on 04/24)
• 10am - 11:45am, 2pm-3:30pm on 04/23, you can call me for any
questions related to exam problems
– Office number: 407-823-5015 (HEC 243)
Exam Coverage
• All questions in the four homework
assignments and the email spam
• All questions in the two mid-term exams
• Solutions to all 4 homework and 2 midterm
exams are on webcourse.
• All examples given in this review lecture
– All examples given in previous two mid-term
exam review lectures
Question Types
– Knowledge questions
– True or false statement (explain why)
– Protocols
– Calculations
Knowledge Question Examples
• What is smurf attack? What is SYN flooding attack?
Among them which one must use spoofed IP address?
• What is TLD? What is authoritative DNS server? What
port does DNS use?
• What are the four types of DNS RRs?
• What are cybersquatting? Typosquatting?
• What are the three major reasons, according to lecture
notes, for the DNS to be vulnerable?
• What is firewall? What are the two modes of port
• What are false positive? False negative?
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