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Synecdoche and Metonymy
English 11
Pronounced: Meh-Ton-Ah-Me
Definition: A figure of speech in which one
word or phrase is substituted for another
with which it is closely associated.
Greek for “change of name”
Ex: Golden arches or Rotten Ronnie’s or
-Pronounced: Sah-Neck-Duh-Key
-Definition: A figure of speech by which a
part is put for the whole, or the whole is
put for a part.
-Greek for “shared understanding”
-Ex: ABC’s for Alphabet
The Difference
Synecdoche is more specific.
 Metonymy is more general.
 If you can see the image as part of a
whole, then it is synecdoche.
 If the image is actually a whole thing and
represents another whole thing, it is
Naughty Metonymy Poem
By Alexandra MacDonald
Today I saw a sexy skirt
Strolling down the street
She had a lovely pair of twins
Bouncing to the beat
(“Skirt” is a metonym for “girl” or “woman”
“Twins” is a metonym for “boobs”)
Synecdoche or Metonymy?
Take thy face hence
 ABC’s
 The Crown’s case is solid
 The Pentagon
 All hands on deck
 The pen is mightier than the sword
 I asked for her hand in marriage
 Uncle Harvey’s back on the bottle
 Uncle Billybob’s a redneck
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