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Classes 5-7: TEAM
Talk, Evaluate, Assist, Motivate
About your meeting yesterday:
• In your own words:
– Assess the effectiveness of yesterday’s
meeting and justify your assessment.
– Describe the nature (not content!) of your
group discussions.
– If things progress as they have for your group,
what is your honest feeling about the chances
of a satisfying conclusion to your project?
– What could you change to make it ‘highly
Tell me what you do?
• When a team member contributes in a less-than
meaningful way in any team meetings?
• When there is evidence of redundant work or
rework during the project?
• When a team members tries to stick to a
particular perspective a bit too long?
• When a meeting is ineffective, or when it ends
without specific and clear action steps?
Individually write down…
What should be our three key rules of
engagement for communicating w/each
Now share with team and develop
Answer for yourself:
1. What are the team members’ individual
working styles?
2. How will we ensure that we get along
and are productive?
3. Who is responsible for what?
4. How is everyone doing?
In your Team…
• Exchange your thoughts.
• For questions 1 & 4:
– Identify potential issues and develop workarounds if necessary
• For questions 2 & 3:
– Develop a mutually agreed on SET OF
RULES (3).
• WRITE IT ALL DOWN (max. ¾ page)!
3 Rules I offer:
• Discuss team dynamics constantly
• Set expectations, monitor results, give
feedback constantly
• Develop and re-evaluate your personal
plan constantly.
Three Elements to sound
Feedback Giving
• Openness
– All of the team members must have an interest in
receiving feedback on their performance.
• Explicitness
– While evaluative processes are often helpful, there
must be explicit conversations about the intent and
process of evaluation to make it most effective.
• Agreement
– Before an evaluation takes place (before any
feedback, actually), there should be agreement
between the sender and the recipient as to the
objectives of the evaluation and the measures for it.
Personal Evaluation
• How well do I listen?
• Do I get my points across in a
nonconfrontational way?
• Do I separate issues from people?
• Do I work independently too much and leave the
team in the dark?
• Do I never work independently of the team?
• Do I make people comfortable discussing ideas
with me?
• Do I follow through on my commitments?
• Is my work generally error-free?
And now…
• for your team member!
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