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Taking Notes
Three Notebooks
• History Lecture/Film Notes
• Writing and Paper Process
• Notes on Readings
Why notes?
• to help you focus in class
• to help you become more aware of your
own learning styles and preferences
• to help you retain material
• to help you study for exams
• to help you use readings in papers
History Lecture Notes
record major dates
record names (spelled correctly)
note repeated material
note all material on board
Writing Process Notes
drafts presented to groups
your response sheets for groups
your notes on readers’ responses
your notes used in preparation of all drafts
(outlines, mind maps, lists, etc.)
Notes on Readings
• quick summary of main points of each
• important details, names, dates, etc.
• connections you make to other readings
Evaluation of Notes
• We will review your notes periodically
during the quarter.
• Notes count toward participation grade.
• Bring notes with you every day.
• Bring notes to instructor conferences.
• Good notes can positively influence other
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