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Parametric Search of
E-Commerce Data
J. Shafer, R. Agrawal : WWW-9
Conventional Wisdom
• User enters search criteria into HTML form
• User’s query is received by web-server and
submitted to a server-side database (usually
as SQL)
• Result set is returned to user as an HTML
page (or a series of pages)
Search Problem in E-Commerce
• Users often don’t know exactly what they
are looking for
– Search is a process, not a single operation
– An individual query is simply a means to an
• Too many/few results: try different query
• No universal ranking function
Essential Ideas of Eureka
• Incrementally fetch superset of tuples of
interest in the client (e.g. all products in the
product category of interest)
• User-interface and fast indexing structures
for interactive exploration of the cached
•Restriction by example
•Fuzzy restrictions
• Used Eureka in several situations with very
positive feedback
• Used Eureka on datasets with 100K records
with no visible deterioration in performance
• Performance is excellent, even in Java
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