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The Sound of Change
Unit Portfolio Presentation
Stephanie Dickens
Unit Summary
The music of the Vietnam Era demonstrated the
changes occurring in US society during this era.
The students will chose 3 pieces of music from
the era and demonstrate how the music reflects
changes occurring in the society of the US. The
students will produce a stupeflix video to show
case the connections between the music and
societal changes.
Curriculum-Framing Questions
• Essential Question
How is change reflected in music?
• Unit Questions
How did the Music of the era reflect these changes?
How did the Music encourage more changes?
• Content Questions
What changes in society occurred in the US during
Vietnam War?
How did society change between 1961 thru 1975?
Stupeflix Project
This project will help my students develop
21st century skills by:
Collaborating with peers.
Analyzing pictures from the time period
Analyzing music from the time period
Decide and communicate reasons for choosing
the music and pictures.
• Make connections with their lives.
Gauging Student Needs Assessment
Purpose of the Assessment
To gather information about what students already know and what
connections they make with music and current events.
What I want to learn from my students?
I want to find out what they already know about the Unit Questions and
what how they think music is impacted by events in history.
How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking?
I ask students to find relationships and draw conclusions about music
and historical events.
How the assessment information helps me and my students plan
for upcoming activities in the unit?
It provides me with information about how much support the students
will need in producing the stupeflix.
What feedback or additional ideas I’d like?
I would like help on whether or not I answered these questions in the
correct way.
My Goals for the Course
• Find ways to get my students more
interested history.
• Learn about different kinds of technology
my students and I can use
• To show my students that history does
not happen independently, that all aspects
of life are interconnected.
Goals for My Students
• To become more independent learners
• To realize how events influence the world
around them.
Request for Feedback
• Help with wording of the content and
unit questions.
• Ideas for helping students take more
responsibility for their own learning
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