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Tips and Tricks for downloading
form Internet
R K Gupta
Downloading from the Internet
Downloading means transferring files
from a remote computer to your
computer. These files could be
anything -- text files, pictures, music
files, videos, or software.
Steps in downloading
•Finding the Software
•Downloading the Software
•Installing the Software
•Running the Software
•Registering Shareware
What kinds of programs are available?
D em o
to try o u t a co m m ercia l p ro g ra m
b efo re b u y in g
S h a rew a re
to try ou t an in exp en siv e p ro g ram
b efo re b uy ing it
F reew a re
y o u do n 't n eed to buy it
U p g ra d es
n ew v ersio n s o f p ro g ram are
av ailab le
D riv ers
little p ro g ram s th at co n tro l th e
h ard w are
What do the file extensions mean?
tex t do cu m en t, can b e op en ed b y an y w ord p rocesso r. N o
form attin g is retain ed .
R ich tex t files can u su ally b e open ed b y an y w o rd p ro cessor
retain ing m u ch o f th e form attin g .
M icro soft W ord do cu m en t
p ortab le do cu m en t files can b e dow n lo ad ed to eith er a M ac to a
P C . P D F files alw ays lo ok th e w ay th e au tho r in tend ed reg ard less
o f th e co m p u ter u sed to v iew th em .
co m p ressed P C files
ex e
ex ecu tab le file form at o r self extracting file
m o v, m p g,
a v i, sw f
m o v ie/an im atio n file form ats
w a v , m id i,
au, m p3
so und files
jp eg, g if , tiff
g rap h ic file fo rm ats (D o n’t u se b m p form at)
Essential Required Pluggins/Software
W in Z ip
A d o b e A c o rb a t
Shockw ave &
F la s h
Q u ic k tim e
W inZ ip H om e P age ( re q u ire d to
d e c o m p re s s z ip p e d file s i.e z ip
file s )
A dobe A crobat F ree R eader (le ts y o u
re a d P D F file s )
M acrom edia S hockw ave and F lash
D ow nload C entre
A pple - P roducts - Q uickT im e
Some sites to find reputable software
Search Techniques
•Analyze your topic to decide where to begin
•Select Simple keywords
•Usually many are better than just one
•Use search engines like
Refining your search
Matching exact case
Use “+” sign or Boolean “AND” for Including and
“-” sign or Boolean “NOT” for Including
Use combinations
When a simple search engine search fails.
1. Widen your search use “Meta” search engines like
2. Plain English questions
3. Use reference sites
•LibrarySpot (
4.Search discussion groups
5.Take part in mailing lists
•Liszt (
• (
7.Ask a real person!
Tips for Finding Software
1. Check your own ISP
2. Visit vendors' Web sites
3. Search shareware sites
4. Search freeware sites
5. Read software reviews
6. Look for local mirrors
7. Buy computing magazines
Three fundamental facts:
•Nothing is guaranteed.
•Security is a pain in the neck.
•The final decision is yours.
Tips for Safer Downloads
1.Use a virus scanner
Norton AntiVirus, from Symantec (
McAfee Virus Scan (
2. Update virus definitions regularly
•The day you install your virus scanner, it's obsolete!
As more viruses are created every day.
•Update your virus scanner regularly - at least once a month.
•Download from well-known Web sites only
•Delete executable e-mail attachments from
unknown sources
•Take regular backups
•Plan your recovery strategy
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