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Personal Statement
Why do I need to be the star
of an Essay?
• People want to know how you
have come from there,
• to here,
• And how you will reach your
Who wants to read my
• College and Training Facilities
• Scholarship Committees
• Your Culminating Project
• Your Teachers, Counselors etc.
• Your Fans!!
How do I get started:
Think about who you are!
What makes you unique?
What do I have to offer an employer?
What are my goals for the future?
What challenges have I had?
How do I solve life’s problems?
What skills, knowledge, & interests do I
• What have I done to contribute to my
family, school, or community?
Ways to put it all together !
1. Take these questions, write paragraphs, sum
up YOU, equaling two pages
Log on to WHS website + counseling +
Money Book + Personal Statement
Topics to write about-Goals and Task Commitment
Knowledge or creativity in a field
Dealing with adversity or
Community Service
Topics to write
about for CP are
shown on the left!
Choose some or all
committees and
colleges.. they want
all six topics!
Facing Discrimination--aka Handling systemic challenges
Leadership or Group Contributions
Let’s get started….
• I will walk you through a few of the
topics, then it is your turn!!
• Here is how you can begin on any
one of the topics………
Leadership/Group Contribution: Describe examples of your
leadership and how they influenced others
work ethic
I don’t quit until done. I don’t procrastinate.
lead by example
Through high school I have been a quiet leader. I lead
through being an example.
project leader
I became the lead costume designer of two
high school plays. One of two students picked.
show how to sew
High standards, goals
I am good at hands on projects. I show this to friends.
I am in youth group and have strong
Notice: I Began writing down key words on the left, then
developed sentences, advancing to a full fledge paragraph!
What comes after the
• You arrange the sentences in an
order that makes sense
I brought
words on
• You use
good word
left together to create
• You use
a paragraph about the
chosen topic!
Here is my sample
Create the paragraph from
your notes-“Throughout high school, I have been known as
a quiet leader. I choose to lead by example, being
determined, respectful, and mature. My leadership
ranges from my experiences with costume design for
school plays to youth group activity planner. I am one
of two student costume designers. I am motivated to
be a role model, quick learner, and problem solver by
working with both my hands and mind. I am quiet,
but achieve quite a lot by showing my friends how to
lead with determination.”
Sample two: Goals --Express goals for yourself and your
efforts to accomplish them.
fashion design
Running start
Classes taken
I have participated in high school and
Local plays, designing costumes
Research has helped me assess my skills, select a college,
find my career goal, scholarships
I hope to achieve my goals of becoming a costume specialist
by studying textiles, costume history, art, theatre in college
I plan to get a BA in Fashion
Design with a focus on theatre
I took some classes at WVC which will transfer to
WSU--saving money too.
I have taken classes in sewing, art, history of
theatre, business, drama
Draft Paragraph on ‘goals’.
(using my notes as a guide)
Throughout life I have been involved in drama. As a young girl I led
friends in performing for our parents and neighbors. We used nursery
rhymes for a script, creating costumes, props and a stage in the garage.
We were on stage using all of our talents. I loved it and still do! In 4-H I
learned techniques using fabrics, color, and clothing construction. I even
took a career assessment in high school, scoring highest in arts and
technical! I took a clothing construction class, various art classes and
business classes too. Through high school drama, I began designing
costumes for plays. In the program for Music Man, A Christmas Carol,
Charlottes Web and Into the Woods you will find my name as costume
designer! Running Start at Wenatchee Valley College gave me a chance
to continue toward my goal, learning more through History of Theatre,
textiles and auto-cad design classes. These credits will transfer to
Washington State University, where I plan to earn my degree in Fashion
Design, focusing on theatre. The spotlight so far has been on developing
my skills and applying for various scholarships in order to pay most of
my own expenses. I hope to one day make a living working as a costume
or fashion designer. The spotlight then will be on the characters who
wear my creations!
Complete all chosen blocksRemember that for CP you
do not need all six topics.
Proof read each paragraph!
Watch for convention and spelling
errors etc.
Now it is your turn!!
Choose the method you prefer
and git -r -done!
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