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All About Gene
Introducing Me!
My Family
My Pets
Things I Like to Do
My Favorite Books
Introducing Me!
My name is Gene. I like to ride
dirt bikes. I also like baseball.
Sometimes I play football with our
dog. Sometimes I play soccer. I
like to go horse back riding and I
like fishing and hunting. My
favorite animal is my horse named
Rico. My family loves going
camping . All of our pets are: ten
chickens, seven turkeys, one
horse, and two cats named Links
and Nermal. I have a big sister that
looks like me.
My Family
My family likes going
camping . My family also
likes to go fishing and
hunting. My family is
very, very nice. My
family likes to BBQ and
they also like to go see
My Pets
I have a lot of animals.
Our horse loves alfalfa.
Our rabbit loves lettuce
and broccoli leaves. The
chickens eat worms. They
love worms. I lift up rocks
and they start chowing on
Things I Like to Do
I like to go horseback
riding. I also like to go
bike riding with my
brothers. I like to go
dirt bike riding. I like to
go fishing for salmon
in Canada. I like to go
hunting for deer and
My Favorite Books
I like to read fishing
books, hunting books,
dirt bike books, racing
books, car books,
Harry Potter books,
surfing books, animal
books, drawing books
and coloring books.
More About Me
I like to go swimming in
the Snohomish River with
my mom and my stepdad.
I like to go tubing in lakes. I like to fish for
sea bass in a boat out in Puget Sound.
Those are the things I like to do.
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