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20 mistakes
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Basic Level – 2
November 2010
If is a sunny day, I like go out and go swimming
If it is a sunny day, I like going out and going swimming
We enjoyed very much in a concert last Friday
We enjoyed ourselves a lot in a concert….
Other day I went to the beach, I love sunbathe!
(on) another day, I went ….. I love sunbathing
After, my friend ate an apple and other ate a burger
After that/Then my friend had… and another one had…
…one of my friends had … and another one had…
When I arrived to Italy, all was wonderfull. Go to Italy was
my sleep
When I arrived in Italy, everything was wonderful. Going
to Italy was my dream
I went to the beach every days, my holidays was perfect
I went… every day / all days, my holidays were perfect
When I was child, I had terror to the height
When I was a child, I was afraid/terrified of heights
We spent four days there and we can see many things
We spent four days…and we could see many things
I did a travel around the island, it went fantastic
I travelled/I took a trip around the island,it was fantastic
I didn’t sleep nothing during 24 hours
I didn’t sleep at all for 24 hours
On my holidays I like doing 2 things: to eat and to sleep
…I like doing two things: eating and sleeping
Too there are two interestings parks
There are two interesting parks too/as well
There are also two interesting parks
We can’t went to a picnic. The children cried a few.
We couldn’t go to the picnic. The children cried a little.
This holidays were very excited, but the travelling was
very long
These holidays were very exciting, but the trip / the
journey / the flight was very long
We arrived on friday morning to Paris, we went the
Louvre Museum, that is beautiful
We arrived in Paris on Friday morning, we went to the
Louvre Museum, which is beautiful
I always wear my camera with me, I take photos of all:
animals, plants…
I always carry/have my camera with me, I take photos of
everything: animals, plants…
I go to run during one hour becouse I like it too much
and it is relaxed
I go running for one hour because I like it a lot and it is
On the weekends I have a lunch later.
At weekends, I have lunch later
Go to the beach it’s always the same history.
Going to the beach is always the same story
I don’t mind where I go, only I want to going out
I don’t mind where I go, I only want to go out.
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