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TEAM: Motivate
• As an associate consultant who joined the
De Beers Project team of your firm, you
have been asked to do these things:
– Describe in max. 8 bullet points: what is your
personality type?
– Spell out what would be your unique, key
motivators (ie, what would motivate you to
perform the extra 10%)?
– What in your mind would motivate others to
do what you want them to do?
Now in your Groups:
• Share your work with everyone.
– Make sure everyone understands who you are from a team work
– Allow your team mates to challenge your perceived personality
type. Revise your actual personality type accordingly.
– Distil out the key drivers of your team’s motivation to give the
extra 10%.
• Now, that you know what motivates each one, develop
some unique motivation strategies for the team.
• Present your ideas (prepare 3 slides).
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