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Mini toast with goat cheese trilogy
(ash, chili and herbs)
Proscuitto with Chinese melon beads
Mini basket of parmesan cheese with caesar salad
Cheese Mousse with Fine Herbs
Artichoke stuffed with salmon mousse
Shrimp Mousse
Main dishes based on Chicken
Chicken Medallions in Cream Cheese Sauce scented
with Chipotle
Two Medallions of Chicken in Red Pepper Sauce
 and Fine Herbs
 Supreme of Chicken with Mustard
Chicken Medallions on Cilantro
and Huitlacoche Sauce
Chicken rounds stuffed with cream cheese and fine herbs
Main dishes based on Beef
 Fillet Steak in Bordelaise sauce and baked marrow
Beef Steak in pepper sauce
Beef Steak in Mushroom Gravy Fungi
Beef medallions «Sol y Sombra»
(gravy & cheese sauce)
Three-cheese creamy soup with pepper
Cilantro cream with walnuts
Watercress Cream with Pistachios
Cream of pumpkin with pinion
 Cream of carrot with a touch of saffron,
accompanied duck won ton
Main dishes combined
(Chicken & Beef)
 Chablis Supreme Chicken and Beef Tenderloin
seasoned with Green Pepper
 Florentine Chciken round and Beef Tenderloin
 Supreme of Chicken in Mushroom Sauce and Grilled
Medallion in Red Wine
 Chicken round stuffed with vegetables on
Neapolitan Sauce and Beef Steak in Mushroom
 Chicken breast with cheese sauce and Beef
Tenderloin on Merlot sauce
Mango mousse with crispy orange caramel
Damask Fromager mango and kiwi sauce
Brownie with cheese cake & vanilla ice cream
 Tiramisú
Chipinque ice cream cup
(blackberry cheese cacke & vanilla ice cream)
Crispy Petit Fours with Vanilla Ice Cream
Mini Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream
This menus are just an example of what we can do, we have even more alternatives to get your best election
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