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Faculty of Business and Economics
Decision Sciences and Information Management
The Leuven Institute for Research on
Information Systems (LIRIS)
Research position: Quality of Service on the Internet
Today we are confronted with an inevitable transition to services that can be
delivered via the Internet. Even services for which the Internet originally wasn’t
meant – such as telephone (VoIP) and television (IPTV) – can be delivered in a
uniform way via the Internet Protocol (IP). Additional requirements of unbounded
service composition and automatic service provisioning imply appropriate facilities
for operational support and management.
On this moment, crucial aspects of this operational support and management are
fragmented and scattered over multiple layers and locations, such that is difficult to
get a comprehensive overview. This research will focus on one management aspect:
guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS) while delivering services over the Internet.
Because this research can be situated at the borderline between ICT and business,
both an approach from a business economics perspective (services, accounting,
billing), as well as a real ICT approach (useful/necessary protocols, platforms and
frameworks), will be possible.
More information:
[email protected]
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