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In Russia there are many
They are national
holidays and religious
The New Year Day is on the
1st of January.
Many people go to parties .
When the Kremlin clock
strikes, we shout “ Happy
New Year”
Children like to
dance, play,
sing songs
around the New
Year tree.
We celebrate Christmas
is on the 7th of
January. This is the
day when Jesus Christ
was born.
At Christmas many
people go to church.
I also want to say about
Shrovetide. This is the
holiday when we meet
spring. It is a tradition to
make pancakes and
burn the figure of Winter.
It is a merry holiday.
The 8th of March is Women’s
Day. This is the day when
men give ladies presents
and flowers.
We say “Thank you “ to our
mothers, grandmothers
and sisters.
In spring we also
Easter .
On the Easter
Day people
greet each
other “ Christ is
risen! “ And the
answer is “He Is
Risen indeed !”
We paint eggs
and give them
as a symbol of
eternal life.
May Day is on the
1st of May.
Usually the
weather is nice
on this day and
many people
Victory Day is the
most important
holiday. It is on the
9th of May . We
celebrate a great
victory over
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