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When you see a
Take time to correct it.
What’s wrong with this photo?
These workers are not protected from
being struck by falling objects because
they are working around/under other
workers and not wearing hardhats.
The scaffold has no guardrails (required at
a height of 10 feet or more, but
recommended at a height of 6 feet or
more) and the worker on the scaffold is not
using any fall protection.
The scaffold does not have cross bracing
on the ends.
What’s wrong with this photo?
No stair railing on open side (hand rail and
No midrail on existing guardrail;
Door looks like it is boarded up and does
not have a handle on the outside---raises
question as to whether it meets
requirements for an exit door (outward
swinging, opens with a minimum force,
panic hardware preferred);
Suggested improvement: install light and/or
put glow-in-the-dark stair tread strips to
reduce potential fall hazard at night & color
code physical hazards with yellow paint,
including difference in elevation at
threshold to door & at edge of sidewalk.
What’s wrong with this photo?
Exit must not be blocked by storage.
Exit door must swing outward.
Exit door should have panic
hardware or open with minimal
Looks like there are unapproved
temporary wires run from electric line
servicing exit sign.
Other observations: a) poor
housekeeping; b) uncovered
telecommunications panel and
disorderly arrangement of phone
What’s wrong with this photo?
These cords are:
 improperly wired directly to
the electrical circuit;
 are not protected by a GFCI;
 are two-wire cords that are
not grounded; and
 are not rated for hard- or
extra-hard service, as
required on a construction
What’s wrong with this photo?
Improper storage:
 Access to sprinkler
system valves blocked;
Cylinders are not allowed
within 20 feet of valves;
Combustible storage is
not allowed within 20 feet
of propane cylinders.
What’s wrong with this photo?
Exposure to Falls
Three men are on a ladder
designed to be climbed by 1 man.
All 3 men have their center of
gravity outside the confines of the
Man on left has only 2 points of
contact with the ladder instead of
There is no type of fall protection.
What’s wrong with this photo?
This is a confined space and must
be marked with a DANGER or
If someone is below ground, there
should be a trained attendant with
rescue equipment.
This type of entry would require a
permit, since the hazard of methane
or hydrogen sulfide could exist.
If no one is in the confined space, it
should not be left open with a ladder,
since anyone (including a child)
could enter it without authorization.
What’s wrong with this photo?
3 OSHA Violations:
No guardrails around any
working level.
No safe means of access.
Materials are not allowed to be
stored on scaffolds in excess
of supplies needed for
immediate operations (per
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