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Task 1. Study the following vocabulary:
I’m going (I want) to tell you a little bit about …
to share one’s ideas with smb about smth
to get together
to get a divorce
to split up
to bring up
to be married
distant relatives
to take after
to look similar to smb
to get on well
to support
to encourage
to rely on
to go through difficult
to reject
flash and blood
now and then
on my mother’s side
Task 2. Answer the questions:
1. What kind of family do you live in?
2. Is your family large or small?
3. How many are you in the family?
4. Do you know much about your family tree?
5. What relatives have you got?
6. Where do the members of your extended family live?
7. Do you get on well with your family members?
8. How often do you get together?
9. What do you do together?
10. What does family mean to you?
11. When do you think we need our families the most?
Task 3. Watch the video (
and decide if the statements are true, false or not stated.
1. They are four in their immediate family.
2. They have two pets at home.
3. Joe has a family of her own.
4. There is no grandfather in her extended family.
5. She has got a lot of distant relatives.
6. Her brother has the same profession as her father.
7. Everyone in the family has his own house.
8. Joe grew up in Singapore.
9. Her sister has got a son and a daughter.
10. They meet very often.
Key to Task 3:
1. false
2. not stated
3. true
4. true
5. true
6. true
7. not stated
8. false
9. false
10. false
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