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Instructions for
Pages 2 and 3
Creative Latitude
This is critical … what we are sending to you as the designer is an “idea” for the pages. We are
NOT saying it should look exactly like this but instead we want you to use your creativity and
design skills to create these two pages.
These pages 2 and 3 are the first two pages seen by the viewer. The entire book tells a story
that develops as the pages turn. These two pages are the first in the story line.
When the booklet opens the viewer will see these two pages at the same time. They will be
seen left (page 2) and right (page 3). This booklet is in a LANDSCAPE (horizontal) view so
every page must be created horizontally.
Look at the sample pages for the vision of these pages.
This booklet is a marketing booklet to advertise a Disaster Recovery product. The first two
pages set the story into motion. The first two pages are expected to show a dramatic visual
impact of disasters. The pictures speak for themselves that’s why there are not many words
on these pages.
We have tried to select pictures that are crisp and will pop on the page.
We want our customers to look at these two pages and be startled at the visions of the
disasters out there. It should be a striking image, few words are necessary
These two pages are supposed to be a collage where pictures are NOT identical in size and
they should touch each other so there is no white seen between them.
I do not have the ability or skill to do something creative with this collage but I’m looking for
the winning designer to be creative with the collage. Maybe a flat page of these images is fine,
perhaps a 3-D look or even bending the picture so it looks like disasters around the globe.
Page three has some text and you can design it with that collage in a manner you think is
dramatic and creative.
I want the pages to go all the way to the edge so that even including cutting edges, the
pictures on ALL pages should go all the way to the edge of all sides. Please ask if that is not
The images are provided for each of the two pages. They are numbered and named in the
order in which they appear on the Idea View Page.
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