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You’ll receive an email, with instructions on how to download the file. It’s pretty easy. Save the file to your computer.
You’ll need your Ancestry DNA user name for the GEDmatch upload.
Follow the instructions in Gedmatch. You’ll immediately get a kit number. It’ll start with an A since this is an Ancestry
kit. It will take maybe 20 minutes to tokenize and then a few days for it to be fully available. Once it’s tokenized a 1 to
1 kit comparison can be done. Since I have a bunch of information already I can compare for chromosome segment
matches with others. Once it’s complete we can run kits that match 1 or both of 2 kits. I’m interested in who matches
both. I don’t think there will be many since our common ancestors came in to the US so late. It will be interesting.
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