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Past Simple. Упражнения
Дополните таблицу.
Exercise 1. Вставьте подходящий глагол в форме Past Simple.
be (2), feed, take, start, visit, listen
The children went to London. The Tour ________at Hyde Park in the morning. The
children_______the ducks and squirrels there. Then they ________photos of Trafalgar Square.
The next stop __________the British Museum. They also ___________ the Tower of London.
The children _______to the famous bell Big Ben. In the evening they ________ very tired.
see, find, help, be, put, catch, be
One day the children were on the ship. The sea was quiet. Suddenly they _________the pirates'
ship. The pirates_________ the children and _______them in a dark room, but Kevin ________
Steve and Maggie. In the room the children ________ the eighth magic pearl. Kevin put the
eight pearls together and saved the Shell Kingdom. Kevin's parents _______very happy.
Exercise 2. Малышка Анна – несносный ребенок. Вчерашний день не стал исключением.
Напишите, что она делала вчера.
Little Ann Is Terrible! She runs about her room. She jumps on the table. She opens the
cupboards. She throws Tom’s toys. She washes her dolls with water. She cries all the time.
Yesterday Ann was terrible. She ________
Exercise 3. Представьте, что ваш дядя работает в зоопарке. Напишите, что он делал вчера.
Используйте следующие идеи:
to come up to all the cages, to open them, to talk to the animals, to wash some of the animals, to
give them food, to clean the cages, to bring water for the animals, to close the cages
Exercise 4. Переведите отрицательные предложения в Past Simple на русский язык
I didn’t ride a bicycle.
I didn’t pick mushrooms.
I didn’t open a book.
I didn’t play any game.
I didn’t sit by the river.
I didn’t write letters.
I didn’t meet my friends.
I didn’t visit my relatives.
I didn’t sleep long.
I didn’t walk in the forest.
I didn’t listen to the birds.
I didn’t sunbathe.
Вопросительные предложения в Past Simple. Упражнения.
Exercise 5. Вставьте was, were, did.
1. When________ Mother's Day last year?
— It _______ in April.
2. What ____ you do?
— We made a cake and cards for Mum.
3. ________ Mum happy?
— Yes, she _________.
4. Who _______ you invite?
— Our grandparents.
5. What _______ you give to your granny?
- Flowers.
6. ________ you tired?
— No, we weren't.
Exercise 6. Дополните диалоги, сформировав вопросы в Past Simple.
Kim: What __________ (you do) last night, Lisa?
Lisa: I went to the cinema.
Kim: What film _____________ (you see) ?
Lisa: Shrek.
Kim: Who _____________ ( you go) with?
Lisa: Pete and Zoe.
Kim: _________ (you enjoy) it?
Lisa: Well, the special effects were brilliant, but the story wasn't very good.
Kim: What time ____________ (it finish)?
Lisa: At ten o'clock.
Kim: What______ (you do) after the film?
Lisa: We went for a pizza.
Exercise 7. Нейл спрашивает Карен о ее выходных. Допишите вопросы.
Neil : Did you stay at home last weekend?
Karen: No, I didn't. I went to Brighton with my family
Neil: ____________to Brighton on the train?
Karen: No, we went by coach.
Neil: ___________ swimming?
Karen: Yes, we did. The water was very cold!
Neil: ______________Brighton Pavilion?
Karen: Yes, we did. It was fantastic!
Neil: _______________souvenirs?
Karen: Oh, yes!
Exercise 8. Представьте себе, что в воскресенье вы ходили в гости к другу. Что вы там
делали? Дайте краткие ответы.
1. Did you knock at his door?
Did you stay in the house?
Did you talk about your holiday?
Did he tell you any jokes?
Did you have dinner with him?
Did you watch TV?
Did he show you his things?
Did you play any games?
Did you go to the yard?
Did you walk in the streets?
Проверочные упражнения по теме Past Simple.
Exercise 9. Дополните предложения, используя глаголы в скобках в форме Past Simple.
Last night I _________ (listen to) some CDs.
The car__________ (stop) opposite the house.
I ____________ (not watch). TV last night.
James ___________ (not study) Greek before his exam.
Peter and Ann__________ (travel). to Turkey last summer
Past Continuous .
Прошедшее длительное время. Упражнения.
Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в фоpму Past Continuous.
1. While I ___________ (to copy) the exercise, my friends __________ (to describe) a
2. When we came in, the children __________ (to clean) their desks.
3. We met her at the bus stop. She ___________ (to wait) for the bus.
4. Some of the children ________ (to ski) while other children ___________ (to skate).
Everybody __________ (to have) a lot of fun.
5. When we came the family ________ (to get) everything ready for Christmas. Bob and
Helen _________ (to decorate) the Christmas tree.
6. The girls _________ (to feed) the birds in the garden while the boys _______ (to make) a
Упражнение 2. Прочитайте текст, переведите. Подчеркните глаголы в форме Past
Continuous. Ответьте на вопрос:
. Who broke the window ?
At 7 o’clock the match started on TV, so Dad was still watching it at 7.30. Mum was sitting in
the kitchen. She was quietly reading a woman’s magazine. Rosie was trying on her Mum’s
clothes in her room. Nick’s cousins were listening to rock music. It was very loud so they didn’t
hear the crash. At 7.30 the dogs were lying in front of the fire and they were sleeping. Nick went
into the garden with his friend to play football. So at 7.30 he was still there.
Упражнение 3. Допишите предложения по содержанию текста предыдущего
упражнения, используя глаголы в Past Continuous.
1. When someone broke the window Dad _________________
2. When Mum heard the crash she ___________________
3. The cousins didn’t hear the noise because they ____________________
4. The dogs when the noise woke them up. ______________
5. At 7.30 Nick ________________
Упражнение 4. Дайте краткие и полные ответы на вопросы в Past Continuous.
Were you going to the cinema at 7 o’clock?
—Yes, I was. I was going to the cinema.
— No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t going to the cinema.
Were you having dinner at 2 o’clock?
Was your friend sitting in the yard when you saw him?
Was your mother cooking when you came home?
Was your sister reading when you called her?
Were the children sitting at their desks when you entered the classroom?
Were the little children running along the corridor when the lesson began?
Were you doing your homework at 7 o’clock last night?
Was your father working in the garden when you asked him to dinner?
Упражнение 5. Задайте вопросы к предложениям, используя слова и фразы в скобках.
Ответьте на вопросы.
After the lesson Victor was explaining the new rule, (to you)
— Was Victor explaining the new rule to you?
— Yes, he was. He was explaining the new rule to me.
The children were decorating their classroom. (when)
— When were they decorating the classroom?
— They were decorating it after the lessons.
1. When I went into the yard, the boys were playing, (football)
2. When we were playing, Bob was shouting. (loudly)
3. I met Victor in the street. He was running quickly, (where)
4. The weather was fine, the sun was shining, (all day)
5. Nick was watching his little sister in the garden. (why)
6. His sister was helping him to pack his things when I came, (what things)
7. They were cooking dinner at that time, (with whom)
8. I was waiting for him at 3 o’clock yesterday. (where)
9. He was looking for something when I came in. (what)
10. They were laughing when I entered the classroom. (why)
Упражнение 6. Спросите друзей, что они делали прошлой субботой в 10 часов утра.
Используйте следующие слова и выражения:
To watch, to listen to, to carry, to look at, to wait for, to explain something to somebody, to
work, to sit, to play.
Упражнение 7. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу глаголы в форме Past Continuous.
play swim
Yesterday we went to the zoo and saw there a lot of animals. First we went to see the white
bears. They __________. Then we went to the cage with monkeys. There were a lot of children
in front of the cage. They ___________ because a monkey in the the cage ____________. After
that we went to see the elephant. There was a man there. He ____________the elephant. But we
___________ see much of the lions. They _______________.
Упражнение 8. Из имеющихся слов составьте вопросы к готовым ответам. Все вопросы
должны быть в Past Continuous.
1. Where | the white bears | swimming | were ?
- In the swimming pool.
2. It | was | raining ?
- Oh, no. It wasn’t. The sun was shining brightly.
3. The elephant | what | eating | was ?
- Some grass and fruit.
4. What | was | playing with | the monkey ?
— With a small ball.
5. Were | how many lions | sleeping in the cage?
— Both of them.
Упражнение 9. Дополните вопросы и ответы глаголами в Past Continous.
— Mr. Rambler , what _______ you ______ (do) at 6.30 ?
— Oh, I ____________ (read) at that time in my room.
— Were you? _____________ you really ___________ (read)? What __________ you
________ (read) at that time?
— A book.
— Did your friends see you then?
— No, they didn’t. They _______________ (watch TV).
— What ________ they ____________ (watch)?
— Some film. But why?
— Some people saw a man who ___________ (try) to kill an elephant at that time. We think it
was you.
Упражнение 10. Составьте вопросы в Past Continuous. Используйте вопросительные
слова в скобках.
1. Were you watching TV at 11 o’clock last night? (when)
2. We were speaking about books at the lesson. (what, where)
3. After school they were practising a new game. (alternative)
4. When I came, Nick was cleaning his room, (what)
5. He was returning to his camp with a pail of water. (where?)
Упражнения по английскому языку
- Past Simple и Past Continuous.
Упражнения 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past
1.I (to play) computer games yesterday. 2. I (to play) computer games at five o'clock yesterday. 3.
He (to play) computer games from two till three yesterday. 4. We (to play) computer games the
whole evening yesterday. 5. What Nick (to do) when you came to his place? 6. What you (to do)
when I rang you up? 7. I (not to sleep) at nine o'clock yesterday. 8. What he (to do) yesterday? He (to read) a book. 9. What he (to do) the whole evening yesterday? --He (to read) a book. 10.
She (to sleep) when you came home? 11. My brother (not to play) tennis yesterday. He (to play)
tennis the day before yesterday. 12. My sister (not to play) the piano at four o'clock yesterday. She
(to play) the piano the whole evening. 13. When I came into the kitchen, mother (to cook). 14. She
(to cook) the whole day yesterday. 15. We (to wash) the floor in our flat yesterday. 16. We (to
wash) the floor in our flat from three till four yesterday. 17. You (to do) your homework yesterday?
18. You (to do) your homework from eight till ten yesterday? 19. Why she (to sleep) at seven
o'clock yesterday? 20. He (to sit) at the table the whole evening yesterday.
Упражнения 2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past
1. When I (to ring) up my friend, he (to sleep). 2. When grandfather (to watch) TV, he (to fall)
asleep. 3. When my friend (to come) to see me, I (to do) my homework. 4. When I (to go) to the
stadium, I (to meet) Kate and Ann. 5. When Nick (to ring) me up yesterday, I (to help) mother. 6.
When the children (to walk) through the wood, they (to see) a fox. 7. When I (to come) home, my
sister (to wash) the floor. 8. When Mike (to play) in the yard, he (to find) a ball. 9. When I (to draw)
yesterday, I (to break) two pencils. 10. When I (to meet) Tom, he (to go) to the shop. 11. When I (to
look) out of the window, the children (to play) hide-and-seek. 12. I (to go) to the theatre yesterday.
13. At seven o'clock yesterday I (to go) to the theatre. 14. What you (to do) at 5 o'clock yesterday?
-I (to play) the piano. 15. When I (to come) to school, the children (to stand) near the classroom.
16. We (to play) in the yard the whole evening yesterday. 17. When I (to prepare) breakfast in the
morning, I (to cut) my finger. 18. Last year I (to go) to the United States. 19. You (to go) to Great
Britain last year? - No, I (to go) to France. 20. What you (to do) yesterday? — I (to translate) a very
long article.
Future Simple (Indefinite).Упражнения.
Упражнение 1. Write in l’ll, we'll, he'll, she'll, they'll, it’ll.
I'd like to see animals. I think _______ go to the zoo today.
Wendy likes dinosaurs. I think _______ go to the Natural History Museum.
We like dancing. I think _______ go to the disco.
My parents want to buy presents. I think_______ go to the gift shop. '
Jim likes walking. I think_______ go to the park.
Put on your scarf and hat. I think _______ be cold today.
I want to watch a cartoon. I think _______ go to the cinema tomorrow.
Mike is ill. I don't think _______ go for a walk with us.
Упражнение. 2 Постройте предложения о том, чем будут заниматься члены Вашей
семьи в воскресенье. It will be Sunday tomorrow. Say what you and your family will do, making
use of the following table.
go to the park
My Mummy
walk out a dog
My Dad
read a book
My Granny
play games
My sister
listen to music
My brother
cook dinner
Упражнение 3. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в форме Future Simple (Indefinite)
I think we_________ two return tickets. (to buy)
Kate ___________ ten tomorrow. (to be)
My aunt ___________ to Canada next summer. (to go)
I _____________ you in the evening. (to phone)
5. I'm sure our 3-day tour __________ more than 5000 roubles. (to cost)
Упражнение 4. Вставьте ‘ll или won’t.
Lucy was born in 1995. In 2007 she ________ be 12.
It's sunny today. It ________ rain.
Kelly is eleven today. She ___________ be twelve until next year.
Rob is nine. He __________ be ten on his next birthday.
This month is May. It________ be June next month.
Jenny: 'Mum, the bus is late. I _______ be home until eight o'clock.
It's 25 degrees today. It _________ snow tomorrow.
I sent the letter this afternoon. It __________ arrive until tomorrow.
Упражнение 5.Напишите в будущем времени.
1. You can speak to him.
__________________ to him.
2. You can dance there.
__________________ there
3. We must stay here.
__________________ here
4. I can help you.
__________________ you
5. She must make sandwiches.
__________________ sandwiches.
6. She can read English books.
__________________ English books.
7. They can go to the party.
__________________ to the party.
8. They must invite their friends
__________________ their friends.
9. You can buy food there.
__________________ food there.
10. We can grow vegetables.
__________________ vegetables.
Упражнение 6. Напишите свои мысли по поводу будущего ваших одноклассников. Write
predictions about your classmates' future.
I think Nick will be an engineer.
Упражнение 7. Что Вы будете делать на летних каникулах. What will you do in the
summer holidays? Use the words from the box.
go to the theatre, go to the river, go to the zoo, collect pebbles, read books, read magazines,
watch films, make friends, go sunbathing, write a diary
I think I'll ____________
I don't think I'll ______________
Упражнение 8. Вы на острове, что Вы будете делать? You are on an island. What do you
think you'll do?
1. Will you live in a cave or in a village?
I think I'll live in a cave.
2. Will you sleep on the grass or in the tree?
I think I'll ________________ .
3. Will you eat caterpillars or snakes?
4. Will you go fishing or collect fruit?
5. Will you wash in the sea or in the river?
6. Will you ride a horse or an ostrich?
7. Will you make friends with dolphins or with parrots?
8. Will you drink milk or water?
Упражнение 9. Do you think that in the future, you will:
learn a new language?
travel a lot?
move to a different country?
learn a musical instrument or a new musical instrument?
be richer?
Write sentences.
I think I'll _______________
Perhaps I'll __________________
I don't think I'll __________________
I think I'll learn a new language. or Perhaps I’ll learn a new language. or I don't think I’ll learn a
new language.
Упражнение 10. Imagine that you will be very busy next week. Saу what will you do? Use
Simple Future.
go home
— After the lessons I’ll go home
go to
Упражнение 11. Рaскройте скобки, используя Future Indefinite.
I ___________ (to be) at home. I ___________ (to invite) my friend Nina to come home.
We_________ ( play). She __________ ( be) Big Grey Angry Wolf and I ________ ( be) Litlle
Red Riding Hood. And who ________ (be) Granny, who lives in the forest. I think we
__________ (invite) Kate to come and play with, us too.
Упражнение. Рaскройте скобки, используя FutureProgressive.
Tomorrow John __________ (to get up) at seven. Then he _________ (to go) to school. He
__________ (to have) dinner at one. He ____________ (to come home) at three. Then he
_____________ (to play) in the yard. After that he ___________ (to do) his homework.
Упражнение 12. Запишите предложения во Future Simple (Indefinite).
Example: She / travel by car / next summer
+ She will travel by car next summer.
? Will she travel by car next summer?
— She won t travel by car next summer.
I / buy a present / tomorrow
+ ________________________
— ________________________
? ________________________
We / go to the cinema / after classes
+ ________________________
— ________________________
? ________________________
Упражнение 13. Задайте всевозможные вопросы к предложению.
Helga will read King tomorrow.
Упражнение 14. Complete the questions and short answers.
(People travel) to other planets? +
Will people travel to other planets?
Yes, they will.
1. (France win) the next World Cup? X
2. (We pass) our exams next year? +
3. (Britney be) Number One next week? X
4. (I go) to university? +
5. (Angelina Jolie win) an Oscar next year? X
6. (You marry) an attractive, intelligent person? +
Упражнение 15. Какова будет жизнь через 100 лет? Составьте вопросы и дайте
ответы на них. What will life be like in 100 years from now? Complete the questions with will
and give answers.
1 children | go | to school in 100 years?
2 people | watch | more TV than they do now?
3 people | read | fewer books?
4 people | live | longer?
5 everyone | speak | the same language?
6 the world's climate | be | different?
7 life I be I better?
Will children go to school in 100 years?
Children will go to school in 100 nears. или Children won’t go to school in 100 years.
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