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7477_equuipment operations _projector lamp_csl
Christi lenz
Equipment Operations – Replacing the LCD Projector Lamp
Sharp LCD Projector – Model XGMB-50X
Important Notes - Allow Lamp to cool before removing. Never touch the glass surface of the lamp or the
inside of the projector.
Step 1 – Put the projector in standby mode and wait until the cooling fan stops running.
Step 2 – Disconnect the power cord.
Step 3 – Turn the projector over and loosen the user service screws to remove the lamp unit cover.
Service screw for lamp unit cover
Step 4 – Loosen the screws on the lamp unit and remove the lamp unit.
Lamp unit
Step 5 – Insert the new lamp unit pressing firmly to make sure the lamp is all the way in and fasten the screws
to secure the unit.
Lamp unit
Step 6 – Replace the lamp unit cover and tighten the service screw.
Step 7 – Connect the power cord and plug it into the AC socket. If the power does not turn on then you need
to check to be sure the lamp unit and cover. If these are not properly installed the power will not come back
Connect the power chord here.
Step 8 – Reset the lamp timer by holding down the Menu/Help, Enter, the down arrow, and standby/on at the
same time. “LAMP 0000H” will be displayed if the lamp timer is successfully reset.
Stanby/ON button
Down arrow button
Menu help button
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